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Ugh, I can't focus on a game long enough to finish it.

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User Info: Rinton

4 years ago#11
Alltra posted...
There's plenty of other entertainment avenues to pursue. It's not like it lasts for a long time. Typically I only ever have this problem for a few days, or at worst a week or two.

That's true. There's always netflix (when my internet doesn't want to be screwy)

User Info: Alltra

4 years ago#12
Sometimes revisiting past games that you've enjoyed can also rekindle that spark.
Math problems are the ultimate trick question. No matter how straight forward and simple they seem, the answer is never what you think it is.

User Info: Jx1010

4 years ago#13
I would love to live in that lil island, tropical places are great.
Dont worry about getting punched, thats nothing compared to the witchcraft they would do on u lol
Charlie Sheen wins!

User Info: majicray2112

4 years ago#14
You got too much money. You buy too many games and are jaded. Just buy or trade for a couple of games, and put a time limit on it. Say, I'm only buying games once a month and play those games, like em or not. Works for me.

User Info: American_Eagle0

4 years ago#15
Rinton posted...
Jx1010 posted...
Falling in love makes u forget about video games.... for a lil bit

Just moved to a little island where I'm a minority and it's been surprisingly difficult to find a date. There's the added problem that every cute native girl has a big brother just waiting to kick my white ass. I've not given up hope though - just taking my time with it so I don't end up getting my face smashed in by some upset Hawaiian guy over his little sister/daughter/girlfriend/friend/any-other-relation-that-would-lead-to-me-getting-punched. Worried about getting punched at the age of 26 - who'd have thought?

I'm ready. Take me now! *clears off table*

...but I charge tree fiddy an hour.
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