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Resident Evil 6 or Mass Effect 2?

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User Info: vr6exyvr6exy

5 years ago#1

User Info: flintz

5 years ago#2
ME2, easily
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User Info: anonymous46773

5 years ago#3
flintz posted...
ME2, easily
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User Info: DarkSymbiote

5 years ago#4
flintz posted...
ME2, easily
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User Info: BlackMetalisWar

5 years ago#5
flintz posted...
ME2, easily
Deathcore is garbage.

User Info: MasterVading

5 years ago#6
Like asking between having sex and getting castrated.

Got with the sex (Mass Effect 2)
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User Info: YoshioKST

5 years ago#7
flintz posted...
ME2, easily
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User Info: vr6exyvr6exy

5 years ago#8
wow wow man so i should trade in my resident evil 6 than for Mass Effect 2 and something on the side as well. 2 games for 1

User Info: Chunx907

5 years ago#9
ME2 is overrated. Kind of a garbage plot. At least the characters and missions are good, and the gunplay is decent if you pick a class you feel comfortable with.

That being said, it's still a much better game than RE6. RE6's campaign was mediocre.

User Info: singhellotaku

5 years ago#10
Neither, they are both very mediocre games
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