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wow. Sony managed to sell 70 million units of PS3?

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  3. wow. Sony managed to sell 70 million units of PS3?

User Info: Gigahart_gaylor

4 years ago#61
Dirty_Diana posted...
So from 1st last gen to last this gen. Good job Sony.

2nd. Besides 3rd out of 3 really isn't that bad.
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User Info: pokemon_45_79_1

4 years ago#62
Saw this a couple of days ago, ps3 worldwide is ahead by .2 million, what happened.

Also if you look at region numbers overall.

MS only really leading in NA with 9 million difference, and about or less then 1 million in Germany and the UK, PS3 is outselling it everywhere else ps3 will never outsell the 360 in NA, but that fine, Its a 2 horse race between Sony and Nintendo worldwide.

This is the reason why NA gets screwed out of special limited editions of consoles, like gold plated ps3 because Sony everywhere else is better.

Japan has the ps3 outselling the 360 by more then an 8-1 ratio right now.

Good job Sony.

Also I wonder this as well how many are rebuys, due to failure of console, and multiple buys of consoles, still have my orginial 60 gig going strong only has broken twice, I have my backup slim, but I didn't buy it till last year.
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4 years ago#63
Do they have a Silver PS3? Now would be a good time to have one.

User Info: Cyber Akuma Zero

Cyber Akuma Zero
4 years ago#64
Lets all ignore the fact that it sold half as well as the PS2 and nowhere near the PS1 shall we?

Reassurance at it's greatest.

Also, seriously, you cannot compare sales of older systems like the SNES to modern ones, those were different times. Back then gaming was regarded as a nerd hobby for little kids and was far more niche, now it has usurped music AND movies in the US at the top form of entertainment and the average age of the US gamer is 18-35.
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4 years ago#65


You know on Madden a team with those stats would be godly.

User Info: Black_Assassin

4 years ago#66
Spiroth_Kweehh posted...
But most important feature that sets it apart every other Home console of all time, Region Free.


User Info: AbysmalTrinity

4 years ago#67
From: OtakuGamera | #003
Until you realize the PS2 sold over 150 million units..

over 20 years

Simply Abysmal

User Info: HakaiVeil

4 years ago#68
Black_Assassin posted...
Spiroth_Kweehh posted...
But most important feature that sets it apart every other Home console of all time, Region Free.


P4A isn't a detractor of the PS3's Region-Free status.

P4A was forced to be region-locked.

User Info: pacmanreborn88

4 years ago#69
im pretty sure that sony has lost the most money this gen. 70 million in sales means nothin if they lost millions more or billions more from it.

User Info: albanianx1

4 years ago#70
70 million is still below the psx and ps2. It might reach 80 mill with the next 4 years. The ps3 really was the first anti-consumer console made by Sony with all the drm, the autoupdates, and all the crap Sony does to control the users console, something that did not exist in previous playstations. That's why in some ways it was a failure, not to mention it was much more expensive (you had to buy an HDTV to enjoy it's full experience). But I guess the bad economy also had to do with the ps3 not selling at well first. It only sold well because of the brand name.

The PSP was a fantastic handheld though with customized homebrew. It was also much easier to pirate/hack compared to the PS3 which it made more lucrative.

Not sure how you got 10 million in 4 years to be honest, this year it has already started at a better pace then the previous 3 years (first 2 quarters), so it looks like it's keeping steam unlike the Wii that has fallen from grace at an alarming rate.

the 360 and PS3 sales are still strong while the Wii currently is the only one that has shown a huge drop in sales. Doubt they care though, it's just about to hit 100m with last gen graphics and releasing the WiiU soon, one of the worst fads ever and worst console I've had by quite a distance.
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