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Your least favorite game in your favorite series?

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User Info: okamhunite

5 years ago#41
Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker and Portable Ops from the MGS series, 2 was pretty bad to but I could at lease tolerate it since it was the slightest bit important to the series.
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User Info: RPGsplease

5 years ago#42
Suikoden 4 sigh that bleh my new pc:-)

User Info: GeminiX7

5 years ago#43
Killingjoke_666 posted...
RE Outbreak evn though not really part of the series I just wish that abomination was gone. Havent played the 6th yet. Umbrella Chronicles is a pain in the arse too

T_T The Outbreak series was awesome.
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User Info: HakaiVeil

5 years ago#44
Impaired Medic posted...
My most favorite video game series (Breath of Fire) doesn't have any games I'd consider getting rid of.

Condemned of a lie!

Nobody liked Dragon Quarter.


Not even non-BoF fans.
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