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Why did Square Enix make the Final Fantasy 7 tech demo if it wasn't a real game?

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  3. Why did Square Enix make the Final Fantasy 7 tech demo if it wasn't a real game?

User Info: timpkmn89

5 years ago#31
That's what tech demos are. Look around and you'll see bunches of them that weren't made into games.

User Info: ViVi_0rnitier

5 years ago#32
Large_Tonberry posted...
Would anyone actually want SquareEnix to remake the game? They'd only find new and exciting ways to ruin it.

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User Info: RollingCradle

5 years ago#33
All the time and money spent on that tech demo, could and should have been spent on a real game is the issue here.

User Info: true_gamer80

5 years ago#34
Why did Square Enix make the Final Fantasy 7 tech demo if it wasn't a real game?

you answered your own question in the demo
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User Info: RollingCradle

5 years ago#35
^To falsely hype a damn PS3 is why.

User Info: GeminiX7

5 years ago#36
FiendingHard posted...

I purchased this console under false pretenses and feel cheated. Why make a tech demo if you won't make a full game out of it? Nintendo shows tech demos for Zelda but turns them into real games.

Where is my Mario 128?

Also, its a tech demo. It does what every tech demo does. It showcases the capabilities of what the system is capable of. They just used FFVII for the hype and because it's universal enough that everyone knows what the old game looks like and can oogle the massive difference in graphics.

FFVII has been emulated/made playable on every single Sony system since it came out for the PSX. And each time its one of the top downloaded titles. Why the hell would Square ever want to remake it when it's making so much money still without them actually doing anything?

People need to learn to just let good, memorable games stay just that. Ask for great new IPs or sequels, stop clamoring for rehashes of games you enjoyed over a decade ago. I'd like FF7 to remain on of those games I have fond memories of(and replay occasionally) not that game I have to tune out because they ****** something up when it came to a remake(I already have enough of that when I think of Crisis Core and the other crappy spin-off titles).
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User Info: Spiroth_Kweehh

5 years ago#37
Crisis Core and Before Crisis enhanced the FINAL FANTASY VII experience tenfold. They were both amazing. So much that FINAL FANTASY VII itself really needs some extra Zack scenes, extra Turk cameos / cameo battles, and Angeal / Genesis / Hollander mentions + the new towns ruins.

Advent Children COMPLETE, Case of Denzel and the novelsmade it even better.

Sure Dirge of Cerberus wasn't the greatest, but it wasn't worthless either. At the very least we actually got a great presentation of the "puzzling" FINAL FANTASY VII Vincent backstory.

And either way, even if the compilation were truly bad, and the potential remake was ultra ultra ultra ultra crappy, nothing was taken away from you, original FINAL FANTASY VII will still be 100% the exact same, and will never change. It will always be there for you, and the new will be there for anyone who wants it. OPTIONS.
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User Info: TheTrueNub

5 years ago#38
Why did they do a Final Fantasy VI tech demo if it wasn't a real game?

Why are you concerned about just the VII tech demo?
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User Info: YurisPersona

5 years ago#39
Because they knew how to hurt their fans :(
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User Info: chrcol

5 years ago#40
ff7 story was spot on, game design was also spot on, I have yet to see somethign superior to materia system in rpg's.

What was probably wrong with it is the game balance, for a jrpg, its very easy.

All it needs really to fix that is something like what vesperia has adjustable game diffilculty.

The PC version me (and others) fixed it by modding the game, although the final boss battle is tough to make harder due to hardcoded values. Although i have seen a modded ps version as well so I think console can also be modded.

FF7 not sure is my all time favourite game but it is my all time favourite final fantasy game, no doubt about it.

But I have only played ff7, ff8, ff13, ff13-2 so only 4 ff games. ff8 to me was aweful in comparison to ff7.
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  3. Why did Square Enix make the Final Fantasy 7 tech demo if it wasn't a real game?

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