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Yakuza: Dead Souls opinions?

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User Info: friendlyspider

5 years ago#11
It's petty fun. The sub stories were pretty off kilter, altho some of them had me thoroughly entertained. The game is actually easy to beat early on, particularly on easy level. No point playing any other difficulty on your 1st playthru; it doesn't affect anything as far as the story & the experience. After you beat & unlock everything on easy, you can do a playthru on hard difficulty with ALL the stuff you unlocked in easy mode by choosing to go with premium new adventure (basically another way of saying ” new game+”); there's a catch of course, that you can't do new game+ on Dead Souls difficulty. You do have to play about 30 minutes to an hour before you get access to your previously unlocked stuff.

Be warned, if you're going for the platinum, this game is gonna become an aggravating grind fest that is not pleasant. I'm actually 3 trophies away from getting it, but the arduous task of completing Dead Souls difficulty is just something I don't wanna go thru (especially since premium new adventure doesn't apply to Dead Souls difficulty).

There's also a lotta mini games that are both fun & aggravation at the same time. Being able to have AI NPC partners is also a new feature for the series I've heard, & it is fun to dress up the hostesses lol

Hope this stuff helps
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User Info: Video_Game_Czar

5 years ago#12
I bought it the other day from Gamefly for 14.99 and have been playing it all night, Damn fun game. It's clunky, but once you get your brain over the odd controls it's becomes a ton of fun. It's more arcade like in terms of it's action...and the story is also good.

So much better then RE6.
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User Info: RPG maniac87

RPG maniac87
5 years ago#13
Love the Yakuza series but didn't enjoy this game at all.
The bland, boring combat killed it for me.
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User Info: baldwhitegit

5 years ago#14
If you have played all the other games and are a fan of the series then Dead Souls is a must buy. Going to Karaoke as Mad Dog Majima was worth paying 60 dollars for alone, everything else is a bonus.
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User Info: MrMikeMa

5 years ago#15
Going to Karaoke as Mad Dog Majima was worth paying 60 dollars for alone, everything else is a bonus.

I agree with this this. Hilarious...every single time.

I was kinda burnt on the Yakuza series, because it REALLY needs an overhaul as the engine is showing it's age. Yakuza 5 shouls be awesome, as they did just that - putting it on a new engine.

Now with Dead Souls, it was fresh enough to keep me going. I got WAYYY more out of this than I did with Yakuza 4. With Yakuza 4, it was the first time I stopped playing after beating it once. I didn't do any premium adventure stuff. Dead Souls - I played this thing so much.

Definitely worth it. It's not the best 3rd person shooter, but it still has the Yakuza charm to make it a blast to play.
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User Info: TrillEnt

5 years ago#16
Just bought 3 for 10 bucks at gamestop ------>
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User Info: necro00

5 years ago#17
Worth 15 bucks at most

User Info: Rinton

5 years ago#18
Dark Souls.
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