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what was the first disc to ever go inside your PS3?

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  3. what was the first disc to ever go inside your PS3?

User Info: eziokratosleon

4 years ago#1

and Toy Story 3 was mine....

User Info: megamatics

4 years ago#2
I only had 1 Disc Game when I purchased my PS3 which was already in he box with the PS3.

Grand Turismo 5 XL Edition
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User Info: Stanger5150

4 years ago#3
GTA IV, then Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga
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User Info: plasticman13

4 years ago#4
My pen... I mean CoD4.
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User Info: SD_Riot

4 years ago#5
Batman Arkham Asylum

User Info: S1lver_Bull3t

4 years ago#6
Marvel: Ultimate Alliance
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User Info: gr0mkakm0rg

4 years ago#7
It was probably Black. I got the 60GB and I my console arrived before the games so all I had was PS2 and PS1 games to play. Pretty sure it was either Black or TimeSplitters 2.

The first disc in my other one was probably Bioshock 2.
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User Info: BlueSkies7776

4 years ago#8
Uncharted Drake's Fortune.
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User Info: majin nemesis

majin nemesis
4 years ago#9
Tekken 6
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User Info: rodwipeisdead

4 years ago#10
First PS3 - DMC 4
Second PS3 - FFXIII
Third PS3 - Bleach: Soul Resurrection
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