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What old games do you play regularly/annually?

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User Info: IdTheDemon

5 years ago#1
Every December I play Parasite Eve and usually do a full playthrough. I've been doing it ever since I got the game for Xmas 98 on my old Playstation and kept it a tradition even when the PS2 came out and kept doing it with today's generation through other obvious means. It's one of those games that never got old for me and wasn't a 20+ hour JRPG where a semi long term investment was required. I live in NYC so seeing Manhattan covered in snow, Central Park's lake being frozen as well as seeing giant rats in the subways always reminds me of Parasite Eve.

I also clear Donkey Kong Country 2, the first disc of Final Fantasy VII, some of Castlevania: SOTN and most of Deus Ex once in a while. I don't play those every year but they are the more consistent of older games that I play for nostalgia. Deus Ex is one of those games that I will instantly download from Steam and play if I come across a video on youtube or hear song from the soundtrack on a random playlist.

Any older games, especially ones from the 16bit/32 bit generations that you guys play annually? - Random Wow screenshots

User Info: lambchips

5 years ago#2
suikoden 2 (aka best game ever)
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User Info: Ajescent

5 years ago#3
If I could I would play X regularly as well.
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User Info: emo_angel11

5 years ago#4
replaying breath of fire IV in nov
and ff IX iin dec :3
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User Info: killak

5 years ago#5
Super Castlevania IV
Zelda: LttP
Super Metroid

At least once a year
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User Info: kratosdakota3

5 years ago#6
Shadow the Colossus on Thanksgiving and Champions RtA on Christmas Eve with my brother
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User Info: luigi4728

5 years ago#7
70% of my gaming is spent on games that were released before 2010 or even 2000 to name a few that i play alot: earthbound chrono trigger every FF after 1 stopping at 11 < click for real sig

User Info: IdTheDemon

5 years ago#8
From: lambchips | #002
suikoden 2 (aka best game ever)

Definitely one of the best games ever made. I didn't play Suikoden 5 because I was so disappointed in 3 and 4.

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User Info: Large_Tonberry

5 years ago#9
I play playthrough Outrun & Outrun 2019 every other week on my laptop. Love those games.

User Info: beebarb

5 years ago#10
Super Mario Bros. (NES, now played through 3DS Virtual Console)
Pokemon Blue (Game Boy)
Pokemon Gold (Game Boy)
Pokemon Pinball (Game Boy)
Galaga & Galaxian (Game Boy)
Raptor: Call of the Shadows (MS-DOS, now playing re-release Mac OS X port)
Duke Nukem 3D (MS-DOS, playing using DOSBox)
Stargunner (MS-DOS, playing using DOSBox)
Wolfenstein 3D (MS-DOS, playing using DOSBox)
Earthworm Jim (Super Nintendo, Playing HD PSN re-release)
Sonic the Hedgehog (SEGA Mega Drive, playing on various systems)
Sonic 2 (SEGA Mega Drive, playing on various systems)
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