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What video game genre do you prefer the most?

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User Info: Xevnest24

4 years ago#91
Fighters and Action Platformers with at least somewhat deep combat (Think Ninja Gaiden).

User Info: ce_ec

4 years ago#92
"They shot the ball well early. What comes out of the microwave hot doesnt always stay hot. I know, because I eat bagels in the morning."

User Info: GigaGaia

4 years ago#93
I play a little bit of everything, except sports ... and Call of Duty (I still like other fps though).
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User Info: GeminiX7

4 years ago#94
1. Turn based-Strategy games. Especially if I customize the soldiers
2. RPGs, mainly JRPGs and Open World RPGs. Outside of the open world ones, I'm not a big fan of Western style RPGs
3.MMORPGs(although I haven't played one in months, not seriously in years)
4. Visual Novels
5. Non-Arcade style FPS
6.Third Person Shooters
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User Info: Executioner232

4 years ago#95
adventure>action>RPG>MMO>shooter is my line of preference.
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User Info: RioichiCooper

4 years ago#96
RPGs and kart racers.
Proud supporter of Christopher Nolan and Quentin Tarantino.
Mass Effect. Is. An. RPG.

User Info: Uilnslcoap

4 years ago#97
Action-adventure/platformer. Better if they have some sort of puzzle element, don't care much about deep combat. Portal, Banjo-Kazooie, Eternal Darkness, Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, Donkey Kong Country 2, Super Mario Bros. 3, Metroid Prime, God of War, etc. I'll play a shooter here and there, and very occasionally a racing game. I've finished two RPG's ever that I enjoyed, both at someone else's recommendation.

User Info: Nirvanas_Nox

4 years ago#98
unchartedpwns posted...
What's with you people and JRPGs? What do you find attractive about them?

for me i like JRPGs because they are the first genre of video game i ever played.
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User Info: GooBacksBack

4 years ago#99
2D fighters

User Info: BokuxPico

4 years ago#100
Fighting games and RPGs, both Western and Japanese ones.
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