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do you think the ps4 will be able to play ps1 and ps2 games?

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  3. do you think the ps4 will be able to play ps1 and ps2 games?

User Info: ToastyAnakin

5 years ago#1
Because New consoles need BC in their early life. Otherwise it will just collect dust with the 1 or 2 launch games you have beaten while you wait for the slow trickle of new games.

I remember the early ps3 days. Gaming sites recommended people to buy FFXII and God of War II for the PS3 because of BC!
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User Info: TigerJackson_

5 years ago#2
not without a $699 price tag

User Info: Nicodimus

5 years ago#3
Do I want it to? Yes, and I would pay lots for a deluxe model that would.

Will it? Probably not.
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User Info: Sophistication

5 years ago#4
No way in hell it will play ps1 or ps2 or ps3 games in the form of physical media. No chance in hell.... I do think they can offer them up on the network as they've been doing, though. the only way you're going to be able to play those games is by buying them digitally... That's just that. That or streaming them. Sony made a lot of strides and prep this gen by offering a lot of their games on the store digitally -- This wasn't just for the sake of doing it. It was done because that is the direction the Ps4 is going to take.

Be it the cloud or the psn store front or Gaikai... Games, Ps1, ps2, ps3 and psn will be delivered in one of those methods.
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User Info: DemonicDraco

5 years ago#5
I'd be willing to dump an extra 250 into ps 1,2,3 comparability... hopefully it doesn't take 2 years for the ps4 to have 10 decent games like it did with the 3....
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User Info: revengine

5 years ago#6
For PS1 and PS2 games, I would say yes, the PS4 will probably be powerful enough to run emulation for those games. For PS3 games, it will probably need built in PS3 hardware.
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User Info: Devilman_Amon

5 years ago#7
I would think so since PS Store and your account should probably carry over...otherwise what a waste...

User Info: DemonDog666

5 years ago#8
psone yes ps2 probably not (aside from psn ones anyways)

User Info: amonte64

5 years ago#9
There's absolutely no reason for it not to. It's very cheap to do so and it wouldn't jack up the price of the PS4 a noticeable amount, same goes with PS3 BC.

If it doesn't have it it's just Sony being greedy, dirty, anti consumer and screwing us so we REBUY our games as Classics on the PlayStation Store, or cia cloud or as Collections -_-

If Sony does this it would just give them more negatives points and take away positive points and of course that's bad for Sony and PlayStation and will of course give them negative results.

User Info: TheRavenKC

5 years ago#10
I think it depends if PS2 systems are still selling or not. Play Like A Raven
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  3. do you think the ps4 will be able to play ps1 and ps2 games?

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