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Truly Depressing games? *no spoilers please*

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User Info: Toob_Noob

5 years ago#101
i am surprised noone has mentioned lost odyssey there is some depressing parts in that game but it is on 360

User Info: Skandrae

5 years ago#102
If we can count PSN, Odin Sphere.
It's awfully, horribly depressing. I keep wanting to beat it a second time, but then I remember I'll have to watch the story again.
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User Info: Zukkus

5 years ago#103
The Darkness is pretty depressing. There's one character's death that is one of the saddest deaths I've seen in a video game.
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User Info: Metalmallow

5 years ago#104
Mother 3.

User Info: wh0_kn0ws

5 years ago#105
Devilman_Amon posted...
Kane & Lynch 2

so many people complain about this game and it does have it's problems, but the presentation is so rad.
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User Info: TranslatorTom

5 years ago#106
Red Dead Redemption

User Info: Rai_Jin

5 years ago#107
Ecco? (it is in Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection...)

User Info: Ryoko27

5 years ago#108
I know that this topic was suppose to include PS games, but I found Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon for the Wii, to be very depressing. I do not think that very many people have played it, but considering everything that the MC went through and the ending that follows. Jeez, I was upset for a while.
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User Info: osboes

5 years ago#109
Heavy Rain

User Info: Auron772

5 years ago#110
Max Payne Trilogy
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