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The best Sony exclusive franchise

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User Info: HakaiVeil

5 years ago#21
Sighto posted...
-Damien- posted...
Souls brah!

^ That. Mugen Souls 4tw.

No he meant Demon and Dark Souls.

Not that garbage animu crap Mugen.

User Info: temgun

5 years ago#22
Crash. I really can't see the appeal of the Uncharted series. Sure, they look pretty, are cinematic and the gameplay is adequate, but the gameplay is just shooting and automatic climbing, hooray.

User Info: Sighto

5 years ago#23
Oh HakaiVeil. Prickly on the outside but a softy inside.

User Info: DemiFist

5 years ago#24
Yakuza series. but of course TC does not have it listed.
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User Info: este914

5 years ago#25
rodwipeisdead posted...


Poll failed
-> este914 <-

User Info: trollhunter2

5 years ago#26
ratchet and clank for me :)
sony should release a full fledged R&C game on ps4
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User Info: Zax77

5 years ago#27
Loved uncharted and I really hope that they take the franchise in a solid direction. I would like the shooting aspect of the game to be changed though, after 3 games its time for that to change.
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