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Thinking of buying a PS3

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User Info: HolyX

5 years ago#1
Hello. I've been thinking about getting a PS3 for a while now, Mainly because I am a huge Tales fan, and want Tales of Graces. But I have been looking up PS3's, and there are so many diff types to buy. Which is one is best to buy? While being at a decent price. I see gamestop has a 60GB one, with WIFi, 4ports, and Backwards play, also. Is PS3 a good system for RPGs besides graces?
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User Info: megamatics

5 years ago#2
This year is definitely the optimal period to be buying a PS3. Plenty of JRPGS, Plenty of Collections of the best games, Bundles Galore of all sorts. You can more then assure they'll be beefing up the Holiday deal to distract people from the WiiU.
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User Info: MourningReigns

5 years ago#3
Honestly, if you want RPGs you're best bet it just to buy a portable like a 3DS. That's just for the sole reason that you can still get new games, but play all the old DS games. That thing was packed with RPGs.
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