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Seriously Sony? Uncarded?

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User Info: ZephyrSSX

5 years ago#31
This is awesome. Magic made me crave more card games and this goes with GA which I get with PS+. Win win for me.
Of course I'm the type of kid that hates mainstream crap so that's where I'm coming from - "slipknotrox765"

User Info: DemonDog666

5 years ago#32
I don't see the issue other then uncharted not being the normal premise for a card game. but it's not like we have sufficient information on the game to tell if it's good or not.

Also magic the gathering doesn't let you customize your deck which really annoys me. So much is based on pure luck.

User Info: Unbral

5 years ago#33
A dumbed down rehash of a good franchise? Maybe they were making it for the 3DS...
The official Kouga Saburou of the Shin Megami Tensei IV board.

User Info: TheRavenKC

5 years ago#34
Relax people, it's just an add-on. I've seen much worse DLC, and this card game might end up being really fun. Play Like A Raven

User Info: blitz-boy11

5 years ago#35
Still hoping for Uncarted D:
PSN: Hiroshima711
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