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Why do Japanese games always turn their protagonists into kids in their sequels?

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  3. Why do Japanese games always turn their protagonists into kids in their sequels?

User Info: agrissa

4 years ago#31
Because everyone wishes they were a kid again.
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User Info: HakaiVeil

4 years ago#32
agrissa posted...
Because everyone wishes they were a kid again.

God isn't this the truth. I know I enjoyed a LOT more of life when I was a kid. Now its all "here is blood, gore, and swearing. Enjoy."
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User Info: Nirvanas_Nox

4 years ago#33
Okami's sequel is based on a Ammys son. its not based around Ammy
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User Info: Large_Tonberry

4 years ago#34
sirtonne posted...
Not based on gaming tastes, just reflected in them.

I'm a white westerner, not Japanese, and happy with who I am, so I'm not being biased in saying they're more mature as a nation. They just are. One common comparison is the Hurricane Katrina disaster and the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan. You really see what a nation is made of when disaster strikes and people become desperate. Americans were left to fend for themselves and there was widespread looting and crime. Japanese banded together and were very orderly and mature, even the kids I've seen in footage were unbelievably strong for their age. That kind of attitude is a very fundamental cultural difference between the two.

I think it's actually because Japanese are like that and work very hard at everything that their games are so unrealistic and wacky. It's a fun break from their busy reality. We westerners generally have much more free time and spend more time at home so we crave more adversity and conflict in games to fill that void.

I think you're confusing maturity with cultural conditioning. You can't judge maturity by an entire population, it's an individualistic trait. As for Hurricane Katrina, the whole state was left without any goverment funding and very little in the way of aid or assistance with repairs. By comparison, when the tsunami hit Japan, people worldwide rushed to donate money and they had tonnes of help with repairs, both from native Japanese and even foreigners staying in the country. There would be nothing to gain from looting. Though I will say the Japanese do adhere to the law much more than other countries, which also plays a part, but again, that's cultural conditioning.

While I can't speak with a great deal of authority on American mentality and the looting that went on, here in the UK we had a spate of riots & looting last year. It's not the well educated people with good upbringings that resort to looting, it's the uneducated, unemployed dregs of society that capitalise on an unfortunate opportunity. It's not an inherent trait of any one particular nation, and those people are very much in the minority, and are despised by most.

As for the quirkiness of JP games vs. western, there's plenty of really bizarre stuff coming out of the indie market, not to mention the west has produced stuff like Psychonauts. There may not be the same quantity of weird stuff, but it's certainly there for those who look for it, and it's definitely becoming more commonplace.

User Info: UltimaKeyMaster

4 years ago#35
Total coincidence, all of those in my eyes.

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FF12: Art shift, the characters never changed
FFT: Art shift and completely different themes. Also, Ramza is not exactly that much older, he's still a teenager.
Okami: Okamiden has Ammy's kid.

User Info: FuzzyJello

4 years ago#36
SilentS89 posted...
ITT: Sweeping generalizations

But of course.

FuzzyJello posted...
While it's plumb insulting to act as if all Westerners have it easy, as far as the groups in these countries that are most likely to buy a lot of games, this is incredibly apt.

I wasn't trying to imply that Westerners don't work hard, just that Japanese generally work harder. Kids have extra cram schools, adults work longer hours, people who aren't "being productive" in Japanese society are viewed negatively.

Oh, I understand the different work ethics, values, and reactions to the lazy and the deviant, at least broadly. (Say, the attempts over the last 20 years to neuter anime culture by essentially shunning it to death, to make a broad observation). I was more referring to the assertion that the hyper majority of Westerners have the time and means to need the violence and grit inserted into their entertainment, which is why I designated those that did have it as a large-but-specific sphere of people. You weren't implying that, of course, I was just playing the "just to be clear" card.

sirtonne posted...
They have a very strong "we are one" mentality there so you're expected to give your all for your fellow Japanese.

Oh certainly. Would I be off in saying that it explains in part why I hear foreigners can never fully integrate? It's a national, native sense you have to grow up with and thus can't really replicate later in life?
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