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Whats your hype level for Far Cry 2?

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User Info: ArronAubin

5 years ago#11
squon8888 posted...
I mean 3

You mean your hype for Far Cry 2 is a 3 and not a 7..?

User Info: Thermador446

5 years ago#12
I honestly think it will be the best game so far this gen.

So that hype level, kinda; I'm trying to finish other games, because I won't be playing them much the rest of this year.
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User Info: tisuko

5 years ago#13
+_AN|?+=E+ ?w?_+ i
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User Info: zyrax2301

5 years ago#14
I thought that mushroom trailer was kinda cool but not really fussed. I'll get hype when its out maybe.
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  3. Whats your hype level for Far Cry 2?

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