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POLL: Best Mass Effect Game?(vote for your favorite one)

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User Info: lebronwadebosh

5 years ago#1
POLL: Best Mass Effect Game? - Results (63 votes)
Mass Effect
25.4% (16 votes)
Mass Effect 2
44.44% (28 votes)
Mass Effect 3
11.11% (7 votes)
i have not played a Mass Effect game in my entire life!
19.05% (12 votes)
This poll is now closed.
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User Info: peter_888

5 years ago#2
I guess the first one.
2 I thought was the weakest in the series and 3 got that terrible ending.(but 3 was still a blast to play through)
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User Info: HakaiVeil

5 years ago#3
Walking Dead.

It did what ME was advertised as capable of doing.
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User Info: Bf109_Ace_1941

5 years ago#4
Hard to choose between 2 and 3. Haven't play 1.

Lets see.....

Three have better gameplay but less exploration and even less conversations with your squad mates and the lack of ME2 squad mates (Miranda, Zaeed! Grunt!) and that terrible ending..... Plus mp getting so much attention..... But those epic battles......

Hard to choose!

User Info: TelekiNoctis

5 years ago#5
They're all terrible so you can just randomly select one.

User Info: Nicodimus

5 years ago#6
ME1 is my favorite. The sequels became less RPGs and more pewpewpew games.
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User Info: FiendingHard

5 years ago#7
1 - best story
2- best squadmates
3 - best combat (and best disappointment)
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