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Lol Wii U owners saying PS4 wont be any better than Wii U graphics

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User Info: monkeypahng

4 years ago#21
killak posted...
Why does this board harbour some of the most fearful gamers on here?

"phew guys.....bullet dodged.... we can still call ourselves the best when it comes to graphics. My god, I was having palpitations"

Because they can't quote sales figures. "Hey, the game might be trash, but LOOK AT THOSE GRAPHICS!"
The console with the greater spec generally loses.
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User Info: TheTenth10

4 years ago#23
the WiiU won't satisfy the casuals :
replacing the Wiimote, a friendly thing you move around by an iPad looking controller very clumsy in hands seemingly fragile and techy looking will disapoint casuals AND 99.9% of them (even some harcore gamers) will think it's a portable console but when 10 meters away or when they switch off the main console it will not display anything, this = fail
the WiiU won't satisfy the harcore gamers :
the specs are just pathetic compared to what the PS4/XBOX720 will be, there will be some harcore games but not all (obviously not the Sony/Microsoft exclusives, and after 2 years of developing for the Sony/microsoft consoles developers will lose money developing for a very inferior machine), this = fail again

User Info: Kage_AM2

4 years ago#24
Nintendo is a gimmick machine that ran out of fresh gimmicks.

User Info: melbye80

4 years ago#25
It will probably be better, it will probably cost $500 and it will probably fail. I really don't understand why graphic-whores play games on a console.

User Info: ljobenza

4 years ago#26
The hypocrisy is blinding.

User Info: servb0ts

4 years ago#27
squon8888 posted...
Really? wii U is what the Wii should have been, nintendo is 6 years late to the party. wii U owners are acting like the wii u IS next gen graphics when really its not. PS3 looks just as good and its 6 yrs old. But hey it does run at 60 FPS so thats next gen right?

Nintendo just released their very first HD console, 2012!!!

wheres a Link? or is this typical he say she say for reassurance? Wii U is only worried about Wii U games nothing more.
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User Info: Tavy89

4 years ago#28
TC is talking rubbish, A quick glance at the Wii U board shows a lot of topics complaining about how it is outdated or slow. And a lot about the update that apparently takes forever. The ONLY topic I found on graphics was someone asking if it was possible for graphics to go any higher since we're at a stage were they look amazing already.

Of course he's asking a silly question.

I find it so pointless that so many people slam a console for it's "spec". Guess what. My SNES (which I keep hooked up besides all 3 current gen except Wii U) is terrible specs even in comparison to the WIi U. However Secret of Mana and many other games for it beat current gen hands down. It's the games that matter, not the console it is on.

Really, it sounds so pathetic sometimes.
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User Info: xfri123

4 years ago#29
lol nintendo will never be superior in graphics. more like superior in kiddie games.
Lets Play :D

User Info: UchihaNemesis

4 years ago#30
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