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Lol Wii U owners saying PS4 wont be any better than Wii U graphics

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User Info: Emptybox

4 years ago#31
These console "wars" are pathetic.
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User Info: DamorahTalset

4 years ago#32
WII U WII U WII U WII U! It's the gaming police!
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User Info: RollingCradle

4 years ago#33
Sony graphics looked like **** all the way up until PS3, so now sony kids have gotten too big for their britches.

User Info: Motoidar

4 years ago#34
If PS4 wont have better graphics then Sony wouldn't even release it. They could just stick with PS3.
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User Info: gamezrochard

4 years ago#35
Why does a topic like this even exist? Pathetic. I want to read about PS3 issues, not other consoles comparing to the specs of another system THAT DOESN'T EVEN EXIST. Idiots.
Quoting the Topic Creator's original post is stupid and redundant.
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User Info: squon8888

4 years ago#36
Rinton posted...
squon8888 posted...
Really? wii U is what the Wii should have been, nintendo is 6 years late to the party. wii U owners are acting like the wii u IS next gen graphics when really its not. PS3 looks just as good and its 6 yrs old. But hey it does run at 60 FPS so thats next gen right?

Nintendo just released their very first HD console, 2012!!!

Where are Wii U owners saying "PS4 wont be any better than Wii U graphics?"

On the wii u forum here, theyre saying the PS4 wont be much better than Wii U if at all cause the graphics have peaked

User Info: ScreamingMidget

4 years ago#37
The Wii U is a joke, everyone knows this. Whoever defends this thing with a price tag that high is delusional.

User Info: BigAl519

4 years ago#38
Its funny that so many of you space cadets figure that the power is what makes the system sell and mean something, because you know, the Vita is just dominating the 3DS right now due to its hardware superiority, and the PS3 and 360 are also just destroying the Wii right!

Also anyone who knows anything about hardware knows the PS4 and 720 are a very small leap for a next gen console. They will be on par to what a mid ranged computer can handle today. When they are released next year, or 2014, they will already be a few years behind. Their graphics are only going to be a very small improvement to the PS3, Wii U and 360.

I think the funniest part that you console war kiddies don't comprehend is that with more power and companies trying to utilize the full power, comes longer and more costly development. Meaning games for the PS4 and 720 could reach upwards of $120 each. Pretty sure there was even a news article about this not long ago.

But hey, if spending $500+ on a console and $120 per game floats your boats then all the power too you. I spent that on my first PS3 at release. But I guarantee the Wii U with its cheap price tag, graphics only slightly less than what the PS4-720 will bring and $60 games, will be where a majority turn too when that time comes. Either that or you will be seeing games that are dumbed down to cut development time.
A real gamer will buy any system and enjoy it, a tool will sit on a forum trying to bash one or the other!

User Info: NextGenISbetter

4 years ago#39
Benzychenz posted...
You guys seem insecure.
Next gen is better. Read my user name if you are at all confused by this. Will $ony be in last place again next gen ?

User Info: SuperShadowAce

4 years ago#40 <----Good comic
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