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What do your gaming setup look like? Post it!

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User Info: SamusFarron

5 years ago#1
This was a good reason to test out the camera on my Galaxy SIII in lower light conditions. Results were disappointing. I just could not seem to get any really good, crisp, even images. I tweaked a variety of settings and this is the best I got using ColorZoomFX. Even using manual focus, the camera was all over the place on what it wanted. Lighting is limited in the room, and it is dark out so no sunlight, but still I expected this camera to perform better despite being a phone. At least now I know that the GSIII camera is basically useless without plenty of ambient light. Perhaps I will retake these later with my regular camera.

Main Entertainment Center:

(tried tweaking some ZoomFX settings)

(finally just turned the TV off, even trying to manually focus the GSIII just couldn't take its eye off of Asuka drinking coffee)

Bookshelf of interesting things.....

(Again the GSIII camera wouldn't hold a strong focus long enough to shoot in either manual or auto focus mode)

I won't be one of those people that lists or photographs every cool thing that I own, as no one here cares about me that deeply (*sniff*). But just to brag a bit, the entertainment center itself consists of-

TV - 50" Panasonic 3D Plasma (TCP50ST30)
Receiver - Harman Kardon AVR 3650
Front L/R - Infinity Primus P363s
Center - Infinity Primus PC351
Side/Rear Surrounds - 4x Infinity Primus P163s
Subwoofer - Klipsch SW-112
HTPC - i7 2600, 560ti, 8GB RAM
Home Consoles - PS3/360/Wii......WII U!

*looks disappointingly at GSIII* Reviews said your camera was good both in well lit and poorly lit conditions. Oh well....still an excellent phone.

Always looking for things to further polish it. Would like something to sit in that awkward place between the entertainment center and the right speaker.....still searching however.

So, where do you game? Brag away.

User Info: Bf109_Ace_1941

5 years ago#2
Marry me Samus. I love you.

User Info: killak

5 years ago#3



My Setup -

User Info: MacBookAir

5 years ago#4
Uhh I just have a TV and my PS3.

User Info: KCisinMissouri

5 years ago#5
How does your xbox and ps2 not overheat killak?
(message deleted)

User Info: Evel138

5 years ago#7
This is my gaming space:
GT/PSN: Evel138 Mad Moxxi

User Info: servb0ts

5 years ago#8
Lets see.

[x] HDTV. check.
[x] Game Systems check.
[x] Food & Drinks check.
[x] Girlfriend Chest as my Pillows check, check.
[x] me, check.

Hell Yeah!!, I'm good to go.
PSN Qornut. Own Nintendo & Sony systems. 08/18/11 R.I.P Megaman Legends 3
-PS3 FFXIV ARR 2.0 Day 1 Buy I can't wait to maxout Summoner

User Info: SamusFarron

5 years ago#9
I like how you have a dedicated classics area Killak, really cool. You should get some of those SNES Super Mario Wall Art decal kits and wrap the room in World 1-1 of Mario Bros.

I used to have shelves lined with games/movies like that, but one day I just randomly got an simplicity bug and decided to rethink it. I took all of the cases, removed the slip cover and instruction manual, and filed those away alphabetically in an ever growing set of binders. Then I took all of the discs, sorted them between PS3/360/Wii/PC and BluRay/DVD; and sorted them out in two big locking metal disc binders which I slide onto a rack under the ottoman. As for the cases, I recycled all of them - several large 40 gallon trash bags full. It was kind of insane the amount of plastic used just to store discs. Only kept some of the special or limited edition versions intact, the ones I really liked.

Movies in the left binder, games in the right binder; all stored in easy to sift through binders that can be grabbed from the couch. On the one hand I'm really glad I did it as sorting through games and movies is a total joy when all of the discs are right in front of me at once, and when family or friends come over it is fun to just hand it to them and have them be able to sort through everything easily. On the other hand I sometimes miss having a nice big display of games and movies. I only buy limited or special editions anymore for games I love or want to keep on display somewhere, and for the most part any standard new games or movies that come in get their insert and manual sorted away, the disc put into the appropriate binder, and the case itself gets sent off for recycling.

By keeping all of the inserts and manuals I can rebuild the collection back to "stock", as it were, if I ever wanted too. But while empty disc cases are cheap, the sheer quantity I would need to do this fully would practically require a semi-truck to deliver them. In the meantime though I am just kind of glad to have eliminated all of that....clutter. I really don't get why the cases need to be so big, they are literally 10-15x larger in volume than the disc itself. One thing about Sony and BluRay/PS3 is that they at least tried to make the cases a bit more efficient.....

User Info: SamusFarron

5 years ago#10
Would like to see some more setups.

I just realized the topic title says "do" instead of "does". did I do that.
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