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are the ps3's graphics really better than the 360's?

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User Info: a687947

5 years ago#41
no they aren't, all of these people that are saying the ps3's graphics are so much better have an undying loyalty to a company that doesn't care if they exist or not. The graphics are more or less equal, the best looking 360 games are about on par with the best looking ps3 games

User Info: Rinton

5 years ago#42
Not that it matters, but the 2nd and 3rd uncharted games as well as God of War 3, Killzone 3 and a few other exclusives look much better than any game I've played on the Xbox.

This is a really dumb question to ask on the PS3 board though. Go and ask it on the Xbox board and see how different the answers are. You'd be better served asking on the Wii board.

User Info: LionheartCJ

5 years ago#43
I would say they are about equal, both sides of the fence over-exaggerate on alot of things - YES!!!!!, YES!!!!!!, YES!!!!!, YES!!!!!!!

User Info: FinalForm7

5 years ago#44
Just wait till PS3's next big first party game and then judge?
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User Info: SixStringHero

5 years ago#45
Halo 4 looks fantastic, it also has more open level design and bigger environments than Killzone 2/3 and Uncharted 2/3 which are far more linear in comparison.
That said Uncharted 2/3 and Killzone 2/3 look great as well.

Gears of War is another great looking franchise. Gears 3 looks just as good as Uncharted 3, and I would say it even has better textures in some areas.

Alan Wake has phenomenal lighting and open levels as well. Exclusives are fun and all but some of the best looking games this gen have been multi plats;

Crysis 2, Red Dead Redemption, RAGE, Max Payne 3 etc
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User Info: megamatics

5 years ago#46
The Best Looking games are definitely only on the PS3 as of now. We haven't seen anything on the side of the WiiU that impressive yet though. I may not like God of War 3 but I think it is the most graphically polished game of this Generation in consoles.
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User Info: SixStringHero

5 years ago#47
I don't really even consider God of War III. It looks great on the surface but there is no dynamic camera control, no physics, enemy bodies disappear instantly and they don't exhibit any dynamic AI behavior either.

Pretty easy to make a good looking game when the developers control everything the player sees. Same goes for Heavy Rain which I did enjoy, but it's hardly ground breaking game play wise or visually for that matter
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User Info: CBrate

5 years ago#48
Honestly it all depends on which system the game was coded for and which system got the port.
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I've never seen any difference and I own both. More to the point, just about all PS3 and 360 games run at a native 720p, correct? So in that regard they're both vastly inferior to PC. I know that isn't the argument, but if they both fall short of running natively at the standard rate of HDTVs, what's the point? I do know that when I read about comparisons of multi-plat releases, it's generally agreed that the games look and run better on the 360. That's not saying the 360 has better graphics, but it's gotta count for something.
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User Info: yamato6945

5 years ago#50
yes its hard to see the difference but the ps3 has a higher graphics processor 360 comes in at 500 gigahertz and PS3 at 550
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