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User Info: ManuKesna

4 years ago#31
From: Heavy_D_Forever | #030
riddlebox89 posted...
king_madden posted...
hmm lets see, good reviews, great sales, longevity, but none of that equals good game? those are actually the only thing to judge what was actually a good game. anything else is just personal opinion.

Well I was going to explain how reviews, sales and all that stuff doesn't make a game good, but i digress, you're a review worshiping tool who would just continue going back and forth for six hours straight trying to prove "dude games that sell less than a million copies suck!"

i.e. you're a waste of breath talking to.

Why are you so angry? GTA IV was great so just deal with it.

but it was not :p
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User Info: LeadPipeCinche

4 years ago#32
riddlebox89 posted...
rschrake86 posted...
Make the best games for current gen.

LA Snoire isn't even a Rockstar game, they published it yes, but they didn't make it, game was crap anyway, especially when it doesn't matter whether you solve a case or not, you can still continue as if you did with little to no penalties, I guess they focused a little too much on the facial crap and not making a functional game, also has no replay value due to the fact that whether you solve a case or not, the outcome is always the same.


the game was more in house by R* then people make it seem.
both housser bothers along with alot of R* people helped work on the game.
so they did a little more then just publish it.

and btw the only people who complain about GTA4s gameplay are the people who cant get the driving down on the game. when my 6yr old at 4yrs old can drive just fine on it and a 20+ year old cant then you have some serious gaming issues.
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