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Will you purchase the Mass Effect Trilogy on PS3?

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  3. Will you purchase the Mass Effect Trilogy on PS3?

User Info: kilik_killer

4 years ago#51
No, I played them on PC.

User Info: Fou Lu

Fou Lu
4 years ago#52
Tempted even though I already have it on the 360 (not the set, all 3 games separate). I just keep remembering how unpleasant ME1 was and I'm thinking about just going with the Genesis comic.
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User Info: servb0ts

4 years ago#53
Nope. not my type of Game
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User Info: kel25

4 years ago#54
Probably not right away but I plan to pick it up. I never bought ME3 when it was released because money was tight at the time and I never got around to getting it since I just borrowed it from a friend.

I plan to pick it up since I love the first game and still need to pick up the third. I'll probably just give ME2 away to a friend.

User Info: rootbeer121

4 years ago#55
I already own all 3 on PC so I don't really see a point in buying another copy of them.
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User Info: Paloyp

4 years ago#56
DarthVashti posted...
I would have bought the trilogy set if it wasn't a bare bones set that doesn't even include Bring Down The Sky for Mass Effect 1. When I found out no DLC was included I went and canceled my preorder. Then went and bought all three brand new all for less than the trilogy set is gonna cost.

Umm.. Bring Down the Sky is included in the PS3 version. The developers said they built it into the game. Pinnacle Station is not going to be available though.

User Info: Large_Tonberry

4 years ago#57
As much of a fan of ME as I am, not including all of the DLC is a stupid move. Not much of a collection if you still need to buy a dozen things separately for the "full" experience.

User Info: hmoobpaladin

4 years ago#58
Already sold my copy of ME1 and ME2. BioWare should have included everything. I understand about the DLC for ME1 but ME2 should have at least came with Arrival DLC and ME3 should have From Ashes DLC.
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User Info: Deimos259

4 years ago#59
Will get ME1 on PSN
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User Info: justinlynch3

4 years ago#60
Might get it.
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