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What is your single favorite game of all time?

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User Info: kupo1705

4 years ago#191
Big Rigs

User Info: NoelXYeul

4 years ago#192
Kingdoma Heartsu (Kingdom Hearts)

That game completely opened up a whole new world of emotions for me, it was the first game I played on my PS2 and I realized how much the video game industry had grown after the intro movie played and I saw the face details.
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Top 3 Final Fantasies: XIII-2>IX>Tactics

User Info: Drudax

4 years ago#193
Ultima Online.
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User Info: synthetiksin

4 years ago#194
Fallout 2

User Info: MrElgawarg

4 years ago#195
I couldn't just pick one. WIth so many games and different genres, I find it impossible! Though, if I could pick three, I'd probably pick Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, Banjo Kazooie, and Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time. If I could pick four, there'd probably be a Sonic game in there too.

User Info: Tkmajing

4 years ago#196
The Elder Scrolls IV:Oblivion.(PC version)
What in the name of?

User Info: Dark7Knights1

4 years ago#197
Makes sense to me...

User Info: d3m0nz89

4 years ago#198
bretnsid posted...
MGS 4. MGS 3 is close though!


User Info: qwertyMrJINX

4 years ago#199
Final Fantasy Tactics. It's a game I can always come back to.
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User Info: daichanrox

4 years ago#200
With so many great games I've played, there's no way I can choose just one single game. With that being said, here are my all-time favorite games I've played from all the consoles I've owned since I was a kid.

NES - Super Mario 3
Genesis - Sonic 2
SNES - Final Fantasy VI, Legend of Zelda:LttP, Super Metroid
Saturn - Panzer Dragoon
PS1 - Resident Evil 2, Final Fantasy IX
N64 - Legend of Zelda:OoT, Goldeneye
Dreamcast - Resident Evil:CV, Shenmue (JP)
PS2 - Final Fantasy X, God of War 2
Gamecube - Metroid Prime, Resident Evil 4
X360 - Mass Effect 2, Red Dead Redemption, Fallout 3
PC - King's Quest IV, Diablo 2, Call of Duty, Half-Life 2

Are there people out there that still remember ALL these games?
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