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What is your single favorite game of all time?

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User Info: xsesh

5 years ago#211
Chrono Cross/Trigger
ZOE3*, Console 2D Castlevania, Chrono Break, 2D \ Console 2D Metroid
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User Info: ObsceneGestures

5 years ago#212
Came in here to find "Deus Ex."

Only one post.

I am disappoint.
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User Info: singhellotaku

5 years ago#213
Chrono Trigger, Persona 4, or super metroid

User Info: HeyItsZant

5 years ago#214
Zelda: Twilight Princess

Then Xenoblade

Then Final Fantasy XIII.(Flame shield activate)
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User Info: goodfella_zac

5 years ago#215
Secret of Mana
Woo Pig Sooie
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User Info: Shibby_123

5 years ago#216
LA Noire

User Info: Net_Diver

5 years ago#217
I don't know, I get super bored with games after a while and can't stand to play them anymore.

But some contenders would be Persona 3, Tetris, and MegaMan 2
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User Info: HeyZeuss

5 years ago#218
Quake 2 Weapons of Destruction mod. Still to this day haven't played an 'arena-style' shooter game with that many guns, weapons, gadgets and FUN, The grappling hook was amazing, it was so fast paced and ridiculous. I keep wishing someone would remake that mod, in Unreal Engine 3...(or 4 preferably)

User Info: ma9

5 years ago#219
Sonic 3 and Knuckles
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User Info: joj0bo

5 years ago#220
Suikoden II without hesitation.
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