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What is your single favorite game of all time?

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User Info: Darthvoorhees13

4 years ago#221
Half-Life 2
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User Info: Mech_Battalion

4 years ago#222
I can't say just one, I've been a gamer for so long I have played hundreds if not thousands of games over my life so far so here are a few of my favorites from each console I own (except for wii and handhelds)

MGS4 - PS3
ME2 - 360
KOTOR - Xbox
GTA: VC - PS2 (I know there are better but its full of 80s nostalgic gold to me)
Shenmue 1 and 2 - DC
Legend of Legaia - PS1
Streets of Rage 2 - Genesis

User Info: SuperMessy

4 years ago#223
It's a toss up between Starcraft: BW, Super Metroid, and FFVII.

User Info: XWolfO

4 years ago#224
Breath of Fire 3
Mass Effect

Can't choose one, so here's the three I love the most.
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User Info: Entotrte

4 years ago#225
Super Mario 64 (N64)
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User Info: SpaceXoDDity

4 years ago#226
Dead or Alive 2

User Info: Sorv

4 years ago#227
dethwynd posted...
Dragon warrior 4, NES version.

Another DQ/DW fan. Awesome. I feel like I'm the only one loving those, at times, lol.

goodfella_zac posted...
Secret of Mana

That was actually my second choice. Cool to see some love for it.
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User Info: SilverSwift

4 years ago#228
Shockingly difficult question! I have to plump for Sonic 2 though, just because it still gives me a thrill even 18 years after I originally played it.

User Info: greatersphere

4 years ago#229
Too frking hard to chose!

User Info: TehRYNOL

4 years ago#230
Chrono Trigger
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