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What is your single favorite game of all time?

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User Info: KeyBlade999

4 years ago#251
There are too many.

Probably Paper Mario: Sticker Star, MegaMan Legends 2, or Dark Cloud 2.
Every wound a new opportunity, every curse a new challenge.
I shall encounter defeats... But I will not be defeated.

User Info: VanderZoo

4 years ago#252
carlosmuniz20 posted...
The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time.

User Info: RegalX7

4 years ago#253
SoloAce00: "I'm getting sick of hearing you bash us for saying M ratings make the game good."

User Info: Dreamcast Otaku

Dreamcast Otaku
4 years ago#254
Shenmue II
I <3 Shenmue

User Info: megamanzero1000

4 years ago#255
Ninja gaiden 2
"I'll see you guys at dinner"

User Info: Newave

4 years ago#256
Final Fantasy VII
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User Info: RedHaste

4 years ago#257
You haven't played an RPG until you've played EarthBound

User Info: RSYPX55

4 years ago#258
zeldafan477 posted...
The Legend of Dragoon.
Best of fighters genres, around

User Info: Uilnslcoap

4 years ago#259
MajorFlash posted...
Eternal Darkness for Gamecube.

YES! It's my #3, but this game is soooo good. Easily one of the best videogame stories of all time, even if some aspects of it are clunky.

User Info: TheyCallMeMrLee

4 years ago#260
I'm not shocked to be the only one to say it so far but Crystalis for NES. It's been my answer to this question for the last 20 years.
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