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What's with the hate on Dark Souls?

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User Info: pdizzles125

4 years ago#1
It's a damn good, long, unique game with FANTASTIC co-op and PVP (albeit full of backstabbers)
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User Info: warrenmats

4 years ago#2
uhhh I thought everyone liked dark souls

User Info: Mattywright77

4 years ago#3
warrenmats posted...
uhhh I thought everyone liked dark souls

Yeah me too. Even the people that hate everything seemed to like it.

User Info: cdaro

4 years ago#4
Where is the hate, exactly? No seriously, I would love to find some. I'm tired of everyone jumping on its **** all the time. I like the game, but the fanbase is awful.

User Info: shawnmck

4 years ago#5
Only a small percentage hate Dark I don't know where you are getting the "everybody"..?

The game has a very severe penalty for dying...which is going to turn some people off.
It's unfortunate, but it happens.
Plus you have the gamers that simply don't care for the genre.
And I wouldn't want to force anyone into playing a game that they whatever.

User Info: RioichiCooper

4 years ago#6
Some of the fans are a bit... insufferable.
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User Info: omm3sasuke

4 years ago#7
love the series, hope there will be a 3rd one this gen.

User Info: cloud2556

4 years ago#8
Its hard, but everyone still seems to like it.
"Only fools believe in deterrence."

User Info: Vivi0198

4 years ago#9
Overrated game with some huge flaws but still quite enjoyable.

The problem with Demon/Dark Souls isn't the games it's the annoying fans of the games.
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User Info: zooknut

4 years ago#10
wth? dark souls dosent receive hate.... cod does...sheeez already man c'mon
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