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People are over infatuated with Zombies, Walking dead game & tv show suck

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User Info: rofflchopper

5 years ago#61
I started watching the show this season and I love it. I'm now going back and watching season 1 and 2. But I think a big reason I like it so much is because I haven't watched a good TV series in a long time.

As far as the game, I've heard nothing but good stuff about it. I don't like the fact that it is episodic, so that's why I've waited for the entire season to finish before I pick it up. But I hope there is some kind of closure with this first season so I don't play through it only to have to wait for the next parts.

If you don't like ''crap fake tv series", I don't see why you thought you would like the show in the first place.... And if you don't like the show, chances are you won't like the game.
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User Info: Dillon360

5 years ago#62
velvet_hammer posted...
Dillon360 posted...
velvet_hammer posted...
Dillon360 posted...
Thanks for reminding me to NEVER take your opinion seriously TC!

*Adds Velvet Hammer to the Black List*

but I bet I like a lot of games you do :P

OK I forgive you!


It's OK to hate something that people love. I don't like Skyrim or Fallout 3/NV and people want to rip my throat out!


lmao I'm glad you posted this we are more alike then once thought.. Skyrim sucks for me, sorry fans... I'm w/e type of gamer you wanna classify that loves gameplay.. though I loved heavy rain..

Who knew hate could bring people together hahaha

Anyways, the fact that you love Heavy Rain makes it even more odd that you dislike The Walking Dead game. Seeing as they're both (Interactive movies) with great stories, great voice acting, crazy plot twists, and lots of dialogue options that can drastically change the way the story unfolds...

That's what I expected before I played the game. And that's what I got.

I really hope you didn't expect it to be like Dead Rising, Resident Evil, or Left 4 Dead. Because if that's the case then I could see why you were disappointed...
The Walking Dead = Game of the Year

User Info: zemzero

5 years ago#63
velvet_hammer posted...
zemzero posted...
velvet_hammer posted...
Splice_ posted...
I hate sports but you don't see me posting that I didn't like a sports game.

This board feels more and more like Facebook every day

did hype and lost of talk suggest to you to buy a sports game thinking its a GOTY contender only to be severely disappointed? also how is gfaqs like facebook? I dont even go there so please enlighten me

Both are full of ignorant, biased whining and egotistical ideologies backed by closed minded thinking.

It's your fault for falling into the hype, why trust someone elses opinion? I watched one video of the game and I knew I wouldn't like it. Think for yourself, it's not as hard or scary as it seems.

"egotistical ideologies backed by closed minded thinking."

LMAO thats you.. I gave it a try, oh and I guess you never heard of suggestive thinking or impulse buys.. thanks for playing, its like I'm talking to a room full of intellectual midgets

Ha, whoa-hoa! You just admitted you're susceptible to suggestive thinking and impulse buying because, basically, someone told you to? And you call me a mental midget?

Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh hahahahahahaahahahahaa!


User Info: AXKSION

5 years ago#64
season 3 so far is much much better than the first two seasons Say "hi" to your 2012 World Champions: The San Francisco Giants!!!!

User Info: Arrowsedge89

5 years ago#65
The show is okay, but utter crap compared to the comics. I got the game because of the comics, not the tv show. The game seems to take nods at the comics, not the show. The television show alters around the awesome comics too much. The only thing the tv show did right was add Daryl to the mix. The story the game honed in on was an amazing tale and if you can't appreciate that, then you shouldn't be playing it.
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