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Nostalgia Goggles On: Remember the first game you bought for each console

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User Info: ThePatrick

4 years ago#41
Telstar Regent: N/A
Vic-20: Turtle Graphics
Atari 2600: Combat (came with)
Apple II: ? Super don't remember, maybe it was Wizardry?
Apple IIgs: Tass Times in Tone Town (?)
Nintendo: Super Mario Bros. (came with)
Super Nintendo: Super Mario Land (came with)
Genesis: Altered Beast?
PlayStation: Tôshinden (came with)
Saturn: ? Maybe X-Men vs. Street Fighter?
PlayStation 2: Tekken Tag Tournament
Dreamcast: Blue Stinger and Psychic Force 2012 (all in a package deal, yuck)
X-Box: Jet Set Radio Future with SEGA GT 2002
PlayStation 3: Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection

I think. I also don't remember the names of the other weird systems I had and I'm sure I've forgotten quite a few.
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User Info: KCJ5062

4 years ago#42
A lot of my games were either gifts or a game that came with the console

NES - Super Mario Bros/Duckhunt & Mike Tyson Punch-Out

SNES - Super Mario World & Paperboy 2

Genesis - Sonic 1, Sonic 2, & Taz-Mania

Sega CD - Sonic CD, Spider-man vs Kingpin, Adventures Of Willy Beamish, & Sewer Sharks

Saturn - Bug

PSX - Street Fighter Alpha and Mortal Kombat 3

N64 - Super Mario 64 and Pilotwings 64

Dreamcast - Sonic Adventure

PS2 - Ready 2 Rumble Boxing 2(whatever happened to this series?)

Gamecube - Super Smash Bros Melee and Luigi's Mansion

Xbox - Halo and Dead Or Alive 3

360 - Perfect Dark Zero and Hitman Blood Money

Wii - Super Mario Galaxy

PS3 - Uncharted

Yes I'm spoiled.

User Info: chrombot

4 years ago#43
I'll exclude the games that came with the console in every case then. Those games being sonic and mario anyway.

Genesis - Sonic 2
N64- Shadows of the Empire
Gameboy - Tamagotchi
Playstation - Lunar the Silver star story Complete
Playstation 2 - Okage Shadow King
Gameboy Advance- Advance Wars
Gamecube - Animal Crossing
PSP- Exit
Playstation 3 - Little Big Planet

User Info: darkness1018

4 years ago#44
PS1- Crash Bandicoot, Tekken 2
PS2- Oni, SSX
PS3- Uncharted
PSP- Untold Legends
PSV- Dynasty Warriors Next
SNES- Donkey Kong Country (came with system)
N64- Mario 64
NGC- Tales of Symphonia
Wii- Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess, Sonic and the Secret Rings
Gameboy Color- Pokemon Blue
Gameboy Advance- Advanced Wars
DS- The World Ends With You
3DS- Tales of the Abyss
Genesis- Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (came with system)
Saturn- Albert Odyssey
Dreamcast- Sonic Adventure
GameGear- Sonic (forgot which one)
NeoGeo Pocket Color- SNK vs Capcom
Xbox- Star Wars Obi Won, Halo
Xbox 360- Mass Effect 1, Assassins's Creed 1, Marvel Ultimate Alliance/Forza 2 twin pack(came with system)
Systems Owned- PS3, PSP, PSV, GC, DC, N64, Xbox(original)

User Info: ambar_hitman

4 years ago#45
Playstation 1: WWF Smackdown! 2 Know Your Role
Playstation 2: WWE Smackdown vs RAW 2007
Playstation 3: (God Of War 3 Bundle, so GOW 3 doesn't count) WWE Smackdown vs RAW 2010
PSP: God of War Chains of Olympus
Xbox 360: Sleeping Dogs
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User Info: gr0mkakm0rg

4 years ago#46
PSone - Wipeout 3
PS2 - Wild Wild Racing
PS3 - Tony Hawk Project 8
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User Info: Power Turtle

Power Turtle
4 years ago#47
PS1: Final Fantasy VIII
PS2: Final Fantasy X
PS3: Metal Gear Solid 4 (came with the system)

PSP: Daxter (came with the system)
VITA: Blazblue & Uncharted GA
GBA: Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced
DS: Chrono Trigger

Gamecube: Soul Calibur 2
Wii: LoZTP

X360: Lost Odyssey

Genesis: Kid Chameleon or Super Street Fighter 2. its been a while..

Thats all for me. Had a few other consoles, but they were my sisters or something so i didnt count them.

User Info: Seifer_us

4 years ago#48
I'm amazed I can still remember all these:

NES: Startropics
SNES: Road Runner's Death Valley Ralley
N64: Zelda - Ocarina of Time
GC: Luigi's Mansion
Wii: Super Mario Galaxy

GEN: Strider
Sega CD: Lunar - The Silver Star
DC: Shenmue

TG16: Ys Book 1+2

PS1: Final Fantasy VII
PS2: Orphen - Scion of Sorcery
PS3: (Physical Disc) Final Fantasy XIII

Never owned an XBOX, and probably never will, but I did buy one game for it to play on a friend's: Shenmue II.
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User Info: qwertyMrJINX

4 years ago#49
Super Nintendo: I distinctly remember my first games being Killer Instinct and Primal Rage.

Playstation: I believe it was Crash Bandicoot: Warped, and I proceeded to buy the rest of the series in backwards order.

Nintendo64: Donkey Kong 64! I don't actually care for that game, much.

Playstation2: I'm pretty sure it was either Tekken 4 or Jak & Daxter. Can't remember, exactly.

GameBoyAdvance: The Sims: Bustin' Out. I don't have a lot to say about this game.

Playstation3: Kane & Lynch: Dead Men. They advertised it in Hitman: Blood Money, how could I resist?

PlaystationPortable: Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny. I wanted to get Monster Hunter, but they didn't have it, so I settled for Soul Calibur. Not bad, but I wish there were more single-player content.
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User Info: killak

4 years ago#50
I'll ignore my first console, since I didn't buy any games for it as it was a present.

Atari 2600 - Enduro
NES - Megaman
Master System - Afterburner
Gameboy - Super Mario Land
Megadrive - Sonic 2
Super Nintendo - Super Castlevania IV
3DO - Road & Track Presents The Need For Speed
Saturn - Daytona USA
N64 - Super Mario 64
Playstation - Street Fighter Alpha
Dreamcast - Sonic Adventure
Gamecube - Luigis Mansion
Playstation 2 - Metal Gear Solid 2
Xbox - Buffy the Vampire Slayer
PSP - Pursuit Force
DS - Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow
PS3 - Resistance/Motorstorm
360 - PGR3
Wii - Twilight Princess
Super Famicom - Akumajou Dracula
Neo Geo AES - Magician Lord
Neo Geo MVS - Sengoku 3

I think that's it
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