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why does sony hate twisted metal?

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User Info: Askeladd

5 years ago#21
TimeOfTheDark posted...
Best game of the series

Doesn't appeal to casual gamers though. Sorry no turn based combat here.

They were still supporting it in the summer with patches and balance fixes... only so much they can do though. This generation doesn't want games that have learning curves and take a little practice and skill, they want their hand held the entire time.

Since when was turn based combat a casual thing?
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User Info: IChangedMyName

5 years ago#22
Bestia_Somnia posted...
Askeladd posted...
Sony doesn't care about TM much because it has never sold very well.

Which came down to the full game's multiplayer being as broken as the Demo's, and none of the promised DLC support ever coming. Support for that game was dropped so quickly. The fans never got all the classic vehicles that they wanted.

Sony drove TM into the ground, like they did the Warhawk series with Starhawk.

If I hadn't read on, I thought for sure you were mentioning Socom.... 3 games Sony has run into the ground.
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User Info: TimeOfTheDark

5 years ago#23
The fans never got all the classic vehicles that they wanted.

Pretty much every major car that was in most of the games in the series was in this game.

User Info: Jahkeemyork

5 years ago#24
servb0ts posted...
This Gen all 3 Consoles have games that had awesome gaming history and backgrounds, and tried to ruin and reboot them.


Microsoft didn't ruin anything as far as I hear Halo 4 was a huge success
There's that one fable game that looks iffy though but no clue how that went.

Nintendo's only screw up was Metroid Other M, but their other frnachises are still strong (Zelda still on the slow decline though but hasn't ruined it yet) Kid Icarus Uprising is still amazing.

Sony managed to screw up Twisted Metal, and almost screwed up GT5, though the 2.0 update I believe really helped save it. Outside of that Sony doesn't really have a lasting franchise anyways. Sly 4 is one of the only ones left unless they announce a new PS1/2 exclusive sequel for the PS3
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