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6 years later, who's still with me?

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User Info: TheTenth10

5 years ago#41
Sony did what had to be done, maybe some better information/advertisement would have helped but i deeply hate any form of advertisement so no worry for me.

What really changed gaming is Nintendo/Wii that gave the gaming to casuals, people that have no interest or knowledge of technology and the gaming industry, thus will buy the "trendy thing" and poor quality games and still be satisfied.
The other sad thing is Microsoft's power of money : "buying" exclusives, rushing release dates to ake money faster and ruining games (Infinite undiscovery, Last remnant), making developers lie to the customers (games announced as X360 exclusives when they know from the start it will be available on PS3 later) thus winning sales for the X360 in an unfair way.
The DLC is totally overpriced, 2$ for a costume, 3$ for a car, 5$ for a golf course ... for things that were already created when you buy the game and should have been on the disc ... it's not too late, just select what's worth it and don't buy crap.

User Info: djblackice

5 years ago#42
Bring Up My Post
Modern definition of "video games" - a subject by which 30+ year old men (with children) can troll message boards daily to fulfill their empty lives.

User Info: SomnusNemoris

5 years ago#43
MOFL baby!!!

User Info: Battleship_Gray

5 years ago#44
DJ Blackice!!
PSN/XBL: Citizen Soldat

User Info: JONlCS

5 years ago#45

User Info: regsantotomas

5 years ago#46
Good enough to warrant a 2nd PS3 despite the first one still working (albeit loudly).
the bitter truth is that in the grand scheme of things, the average piece of junk is probably more meaningful than our criticism designating it so. ~ Anton Ego

User Info: Nextgengamer666

5 years ago#47
I still want the PSP's Internet Radio.
"Tom Hardy's gangster made my gangster look like Mary Poppins." -Michael Caine
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User Info: JONlCS

5 years ago#48
From: regsantotomas | #046
Good enough to warrant a 2nd PS3 despite the first one still working (albeit loudly).

(message deleted)

User Info: SauceyWombat

5 years ago#50
"Definitely worth most of my hard earned cash but still wish for some minor features to be added."

I lucked into buying the original 60GB PS3 + Guitar Hero III w/guitar controller, & 3 games only days after it was originally purchased. The original owner had a sudden need to move out of state & needed quick cash. ONLY because of the killer deal I got did I choose "Definitely worth most of my hard earned cash..."

I wish finding people on my friends list who also had a specific game could be easily found.

I also wish the web browser actually worked without it being such an ordeal. Hell, the most basic notebooks with less RAM than the PS3 can do it , why can't the PS3? Well, because Sony doesn't care. It's as simple as that really. This is an area where the Homebrew community would fill the void if jailbreaking were allowed. Who knows, maybe that'll happen years down the line when Sony gives up giving a damn about the PS3.
RIP 60GB PS3 11/29/06-7/11/12 & 40GB 11/08 - 8/28/12
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