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What do you have as your avatar?

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User Info: Chaos_Atavus

4 years ago#61
Feral Chaos from FF: Dissidia. Fits my PSN while also looking epic. Considering changing to one of the new(ish) "hooded reaper" avatar's though. The indy ones, not the Darksiders 2 ones.
PSN: Chaos_Atavus (Let me know which game you're adding me for in the friend request, as I usually refuse blanks)

User Info: the_requiem

4 years ago#62
spike17spiegel posted...
A dog in a suit. I love it.

Top Dawg.
Borderlands 2: Maya-10, Zero-50, Axton-25, Sal-50

User Info: killak

4 years ago#63
One of the Warlords, but I truly despise PS3 avatars, because for some reason they decided to have them visible next to the clock, and tiny as all hell, negating the whole 'choosing an awesome avatar' feeling.
Before stooping to grammar correction, ask yourself.... "Am I really stuck with nothing to say?"

User Info: Guts_Leonheart

4 years ago#64
Ratchet in his suit

It would be Blanc from HDN but for some reason NZ PSN doesn't have the HDN avatars.

User Info: Lamesy

4 years ago#65
Rose from SFII Alpha series. I like the look on her face, its always so mean.

User Info: JeffsonP

4 years ago#66
Vaan, from Dissidia Duodecim.

User Info: Vergil92

4 years ago#67
Leon Kennedy from RE4.
PSN: Mr_Scott_Kennedy

User Info: servb0ts

4 years ago#68
Mugen Souls Elegance.
PSN Qornut. Own Nintendo & Sony systems. 08/18/11 R.I.P Megaman Legends 3
-PS3 FFXIV ARR 2.0 Day 1 Buy I can't wait to maxout Summoner

User Info: rschrake86

4 years ago#69
Not MK but an actual scorpion.
A government is a body of people; usually, notably ungoverned.

User Info: WeeScottishLad

4 years ago#70
Vector from Resi: ORC
Thou art I, and I am thou. From the sea of thy soul I come forth, I am Orpheus, Master of strings. - Persona 3/FES PSN: ConnorGood97
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