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Sony ruined the Store.

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User Info: krull

5 years ago#41
If they get rid of the lag, organize things better, have the big "all new releases" button in one spot again and remove the whole stupid cart thing at least for all free items videos/demos etc. Then it will be fine, I don't have issue with the visuals, bigger images etc, it's all that other jazz.
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User Info: rswsc0407

5 years ago#42
Everything loads up perfectly fine for me with no delay whatsoever.
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User Info: Playsaver

5 years ago#43
The store as it is now is setup to try to get people to buy stuff sony wants to sell a lot of.
It's not set up to be easy to navigate. It's set up to promote games and downloads that sony most wants to sell. (Not that the old store wasn't set up that way as well, but at least we could still navigate it. It wasn't so blatent they were trying to push a game or movie.)
What people really wanted was a way to navigate their download lists to find stuff they already have easier. Sony still hasn't touched this issue.

User Info: kobalobasileus

5 years ago#44
Wario_man posted...
It looks like something that should have been on the PC, not a console.

Uhhh, no. Steam is WAAAAY better than the new PS store.

Of course, you may be thinking of Origin or Uverse, but I don't use either of those turds.

User Info: muggy

5 years ago#45
rswsc0407 posted...
Everything loads up perfectly fine for me with no delay whatsoever.

User Info: zyrax2301

5 years ago#46
Sophistication posted...
I use to buy all kinds of stuff everyweek.... Now, since it's so revolting to look at -- I can't bring myself to even sit through the 40 second load it takes to enter it. Can't do it. I find it ironic that Sony claims they rebuilt the story to entice more sales -- Remember that? They said:

"Think of your favorite store getting a remodel, doesn't it make you want to go there and shop more? That is how we view the new PS store front."

I cringe at the quote and I laugh at the same time... It has done the exact opposite for me.

All this. I don't visit the store any more.
Why? Because **** you is why.

User Info: IChangedMyName

5 years ago#47
Wait, on the first page some one said that people complained about the store before this one?

Like how? Just loading wise or update wise? I didn't see anyone ever say the store was confusing before hand. Just that it would often lock up and that it never updated on there time.
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