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is god of war hd psp games worth it?

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  3. is god of war hd psp games worth it?

User Info: shads3055

5 years ago#1
or is darksiders 2 better for now till god of war comes out in march?

User Info: este914

5 years ago#2
Hard to say, I thought Darksiders 2 was nothing special. Did you already play and enjoy the other GoW games? If so then you'll enjoy the 2 psp games so I'd go wth that..
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User Info: GunmaN1905

5 years ago#3
I'm a big fan of GoW series and I've never owned a PSP and it was worth it for me.
Chains of Olympus are somewhat short, but if you're fan of the series you have to get collection vol2.
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User Info: Alltra

5 years ago#4
I think they're worth it. I mean, you can buy the Origins Collection for about $15, and I'd say each of those games is worth $7.50. Sounds like a good deal to me. They might be short, but they're fun to play.
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  3. is god of war hd psp games worth it?

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