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Square-Enix Dev Says Japanese Industry is Pushing Back Against Western Games

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User Info: GeassMaster

4 years ago#61
Japanese game Industry seems to become more and more irrelevant as they release more Handheld and IOS shovelware.
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User Info: agrissa

4 years ago#62
Nintendological posted...
agrissa posted...

It's true that they will make more money by expanding into the mobile market. But you can't change the tastes of Western gamers. Western gamers will still prefer the average Western mobile game compared to the average Japanese mobile game. I don't think the East-West balance will change much as a result.

The mobile space is undefined. Core gamers have rejected mobile gaming, but a new breed of gamers, who are more long term than the casuals harvested by the Wii, have twken to the mobile space. Scribblenauts is a very unconventional game, and it was an iOS chart topper. Traditional Japanese games may find a broader audience that isn't expecting ther phone or twblet to replicate their console experience (though Gameloft and Epic/Chair and Mad Finger have certainly worked hard to cultivate such an expectation).

Okay, I do agree with everything you've said here. Nintendo have found success appealing to the casual crowd everywhere in the World in the same way.

However, most ppl, including the devs you quoted, are talking console games and the core gamer groups. Whatever happens in the mobile game market have limited influence here.
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User Info: SpoonSports

4 years ago#63
uh... what triple A titles?

Have yet to see any good games published.
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User Info: DragoonGriffith

4 years ago#64
ITT: Anything Japanese is automatically called weeaboo and loli with a turn-based battle system, while everything western developed is a shooter or sports game.

Yes, mankind has truly evolved. How I love this gen of gamers...
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User Info: Stopthink

4 years ago#65
TimeOfTheDark posted...
A beautiful game that's worse than it's predecessor?

U3 improved on 2 in every way, and it had the best story of the series.

That's a big NO.
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User Info: hambaconegg

4 years ago#66
Square "We want Ff13 to be like Cod" Enix.

User Info: Exodiver

4 years ago#67
My advice is not to try too hard. Japanese games has lost its identity lately and tries to be like western games. how stupid is that?
and games nowadays is getting too complicated and tedious. please keep games simple and entertaining
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User Info: bigjig777

4 years ago#68
I like both JP games and western games, but he is being a little optimistic looking at the graphics of one game that's not even out yet.

What were the major Japanese console releases for 2012? Off the top of my head I'm coming up with Dragons Dogma and RE6 - other than that I'm struggling. The new metal gear game admittedly has great graphics but you'll need way more than that to turn the current trend around.
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