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PS3 (70.2 mil) finally outsell 360 (70 mil) as of 09/30/2012

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User Info: morphinapg

5 years ago#41
From: WhyGeeGee | #033
Only USA matters.

what an ignorant statement

User Info: Hated_Darkness

5 years ago#42
EternalNether posted...
Why do some of you think that people rebuying an Xbox 360 due to the RRoD is a relevant excuse? Microsoft still makes the money from the purchase. The console is sold, they make money, everyone wins.

>everyone wins

This is satire right?
Arbitrary guidelines for greatness from an "expert" are still subjective.
Only factual, scientifically-tested criteria can escape subjectivity.

User Info: a687947

5 years ago#43
this information is also wrong, the ps3 finally sold 70 million this month and that's to stores not to consumers

User Info: TheTenth10

5 years ago#44
I can only hope game developers will do like in the past, choose the console they want to develop for, not being bribed to "choose" a console like Microsoft did this generation ; having a game (Bishock, Eternal Sonata) announced as "exclusive" (= never on another console), with "only on XBOX360 on the box, and released on PS3 a year later - meaning the game was already being developed when the "exclusivity" was announced, is pathetic and disgusting.
This and the severe rules Microsoft puts on developers (rushed release dates, limited size of DLC forbidding mods ...) should make them choose more wisely next gen.

User Info: Lordcrabfood

5 years ago#45
And yet Sony is going broke. LOL

User Info: DamnEvilDog

5 years ago#46
I get tired of seeing these stupid topics so much... hey let me toss something in here while I am posting, 360 barley sells in Japan at all, and Sony is now catching up? food for thought....

User Info: IChangedMyName

5 years ago#47
It only took a couple of years and no effort on Microsofts behalf game-wise for this to happen.

Seriously, name at least 10 exclusives worth a purchase on the 360 in the past 3 years...
I play a lil bit of everything on a lil bit of everything.
Not changing this until we get a Viewtiful Joe 3 or HD collection of VJ 1&2 (started 8/14/12)

User Info: MeatwadMontana

5 years ago#48
This topic is all wrong. PS3 has not sold as many consoles as Xbox 360. PS3 just hit 70 million this month ( so it can't have hit 70 million in September too. And if Xbox sold 70 million consoles by Oct 19th ( and sold 0 consoles until Black Friday, then sold 750,000 consoles that weekend ( then that puts Xbox currently at 70.75 million. The numbers are there, the dates are there, the sources are there. TC provided nothing.

Yes they are neck and neck, and it was a great idea for Sony to put the Blu Ray capability in the PS3, without it, they would be far behind. It's done a good job keeping up even after starting later than the Xbox.

User Info: Yamaguxhi

5 years ago#49
Took them long enough. Sony has been loosing money for years so there's really nothing to celebrate. To little to late IMO.
No more Tom foolerey

User Info: ymdase

5 years ago#50
sony PS3 FTW
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