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Western developers are ruining the gaming industry part 2

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User Info: IHeartMetroid

5 years ago#91
" Maybe you should look it up before talking nonsense."


GameFAQs here, ya?

Is there any talking that's not nonsense?

User Info: P00DGE

5 years ago#92
Devilman_Amon posted...
P00DGE posted...
Then again, I have always been of the mind that nothing is overrated, people just have differing opinions, and if something is loved by a large group of people, it is doing something right that resonates with the interests of the majority.

How bout scat is scat overrated? Because there's plenty of S&M groups that like scat play all over the world.
How about human trafficking is that overrated? Because that's popular in certain countries. Child labor? Endangered animal killing for sport? Genocide (Germany in WWII) ?


If anything, scat would be underrated or properly rated. A majority of people would not be interested in that. You dont seem to understand exactly what "overrated" means. In order for something to be overrated, an object must be undeserving of the popular love and attention it gets. Within the entertainment industry, and indeed most walks of life, people usually call something overrated when they dislike something but the majority of other people enjoy it. These pathetic pieces of trash assume their opinion is better than everyone elses. They believe theIr tastes are more valid and refined and usually call the majority "sheep" or some similar variant. Some just like to be different and naysayers for the sake of not being with the "in" crowd. The point is, that game/movie/book/etc did something right that resonated with the interests of a particular group and the majority of people, and for someone to call it overrated is arrogant and ignorant, because they are nullifying the personal tastes of millions of people.

Even the very idea of "rating" something at all is presumptuous because it seeks to invalidate the opinions of others by quantifying the level of enjoyment one can experience from the object in question. This is not possible to do since everyone has different criteria for how good something is and how much it can be enjoyed
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  3. Western developers are ruining the gaming industry part 2

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