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Graphics vs Content

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User Info: SieKensou

4 years ago#1
What's more Important? - Results (109 votes)
Graphics 100%: Content 0%
5.5% (6 votes)
Graphics 90%: Content 10%
0.92% (1 votes)
Graphics 75%: Content 25%
0% (0 votes)
Graphics 50%: Content 50%
19.27% (21 votes)
Graphics 25% Content 75%
27.52% (30 votes)
Graphics 10%: Content 90%
7.34% (8 votes)
Graphics 0%: Content 100%
6.42% (7 votes)
Graphics should develop alongside expansive content but be less important than the content itself
25.69% (28 votes)
Content should be expanded alongside graphics but be less important than graphics
0.92% (1 votes)
Graphics and Content are equally important and neither should be seen as more than the other
6.42% (7 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I believe this gen suffered a lot because developers went with Media as a primary focus and content wasn't even secondary but pushed to the last priority....
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User Info: este914

4 years ago#2
Graphics should develop alongside expansive content but be less important than the content itself
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User Info: jammies

4 years ago#3
Simply doesn't matter. Good games are good games, regardless.
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User Info: Evil_Gogeta

4 years ago#4
50/50 imo, but depends on the game a lot of games give you both and a lot of games give more G than C.
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User Info: Garr-

4 years ago#5
It doesn't matter if the games have tons of content and good graphics or no content and bad graphics. It can still be good or bad.

User Info: lambchips

4 years ago#6
graphics, let modders make the content
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User Info: F_Wolf

4 years ago#7
Content, because I know the difference between aesthetics and graphics.

Or neither, because there is a difference between content and good content.

User Info: Stevo1350

4 years ago#8
Content. Who the hell cares if a game has 3 less picked than the next. 10 years ago it would still be mind blowing.

User Info: Sayoria

4 years ago#9
Graphics 10, content 90. I want alot to do. Graphics mean next to diddly poop to me if there is alot of fun to be had and content. Of course, graphics aren't COMPLETELY useless.
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User Info: kel25

4 years ago#10
Graphics 0% and Content 100% Assuming the game is fun no matter what the graphics and content are...

Who cares is a game has the most mind blowing graphics if it only lasts you an hour? I want a long game that gives me a ton of bang for my buck. I really don't care about graphics because I started with the Atari. I grew up with awful graphics and know that they really don't matter.
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