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bought dragon age 2, cant be that bad .... right cousins?

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  3. bought dragon age 2, cant be that bad .... right cousins?

User Info: nativeboi85

4 years ago#1
Generally I dont listen to reviews cause Breath of fire 3 was my favorite rpg of all time, and gamespot gave it a 6/10, reasons still unknown the gameplay was great, the story while kinda cliche was still good and mysterious and had you wanting to know more and the characters were good, I loved Rei and momo.

So ima try another RPG that seems like a bastard child of rpgs, is it any good?

User Info: lubmelubyou

4 years ago#2
It is awesome.
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User Info: theshoveller

4 years ago#3
I liked it well enough. My only tip? Do NOT buy both Legacy and Mark of the Assassin, I think there's a bug for the PS3 versions where attempting to complete both DLC missions corrupts your save with a high rate, or something. I have yet to have one save not corrupt on me after beating the game, Legacy, and getting roughly halfway through Mark of the Assassin, but others say they've had no problems.

Still, I say play it safe, and pass on Mark of the Assassin. Just my two cents.

User Info: PJB-11

4 years ago#4
I thought the gameplay was pretty good but the plot was non-existent.

All the characters just gravitate towards your party with no proper introductions and Hawke's actual aim in the story was pretty vague.
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User Info: OtakuGamera

4 years ago#5
i stopped playing around 40% into the game, i think i was backtracking through the same dungeon over and over and doing the same attack moves over and over fighting the same mob over and over that i just got fed up
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User Info: bigdeez

4 years ago#6
I bought it......yet to play it.

User Info: deathsaber79

4 years ago#7
It NOT as bad as some say.

That said, it is a little bit worse than the original which was dissapointing. High 7 and 8 ratings are pretty much accurate.

It loses points because

1. the entire game takes place within one city - so its not a world spanning "epic" game like the first. So relatively small world space = repitition and lots of areas reused, and gone is any sense of exploration and discovery

2. The game takes away your ability to fully equip party members- they just have stock armor which you can upgrade a few times and that sit.

3. The story does present some choice, but the endgame is disappointingly rigid and occurs similiarly no matter what you do, or which factions you support.

That said, its still Dragon Age (and if you like the first, the majority of that experience is back), the story is solid, you got the usual Bioware conversation system and relationship building/romance elements, and the game looks better and battle itself is a little bit more satisfying than the first.
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  3. bought dragon age 2, cant be that bad .... right cousins?

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