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Remember back when you got a Playstation 1 and then went to buy FF VII?

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User Info: kel25

5 years ago#11
I remember that day. I just got paid and was going to the movies with some friends. After buying the PS I noticed I was really low on cash and wasn't sure if I would have enough money to see the movie after buying the game. Instead I opted to buy Final Fantasy Tactics because it was $10 cheaper.

I never bought a memory card because I didn't know what they were and the person working at GameStop only knew that everyone that bought a PS bought a memory card or came back for one. I ended up getting one with my next pay check.

I ended up buying FF VII off of a friend for $10 a few years later.

User Info: shagadelic

5 years ago#12
Didn't get a PS1 until December 2000, when the whole world was going crazy for PS2.

I picked up FFVII from a pawn shop near my house a few months later.
Guerrilla Soldier 5 years ago#13
I definitely remember. Going to Toys R Us and looking at the ticket, grabbing it. Some kid out of nowhere says "hey that game is really good isn't it?" and I say "yeah" even though I didn't really know. Took the ticket to the counter, had to wait in the back like it was some prized toy that no one could glance at unless they were allowed to.

Taking it to the grocery store and reading the instruction manual inside, looking at all the characters and not knowing what I was in store for at all.

Damn good times.
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User Info: BlueSkies7776

5 years ago#14
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User Info: DrEaM_420

5 years ago#15
I remember it well...I had a SNES for a while, parents couldn't afford to get me a PS1 until a few years later, then when I got one I was at Toys R US looking for a game similar to Zelda...picked it up, thought it looked cool, played it and fell in love.

User Info: Alltra

5 years ago#16
It still wasn't quite as amazing as getting my N64 and playing Mario 64 for the first time.
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User Info: FiendingHard

5 years ago#17
I didn't get a PS1 until 2002 which I'm sure was a pity buy from my older bro who had just started working. I practically begged my dad to buy my first PS1 game which was Legend of Dragoon. I did play PS1 since 1996 at my neighbours house so its not like I had missed out on all the good games.
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User Info: TomoEK9

5 years ago#18
I remember when I got a PS1 and got FFVIII, my first final fantasy and by far my favorite.

User Info: jjgator

5 years ago#19
I remember seeing it in store a few days before the official release(in Software, Etc if I remember correctly) and trading some of my old Genesis games to help pay for it(I was 13 at the time, so I didn't have much extra cash). I didn't have enough for a memory card yet though, so I pretty much played through the first 6-8 hours a few times before I got one.
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User Info: toadieman

5 years ago#20
Oh yeah. Good times. The game was well worth the year I waiting for it after I first saw the few screen shots and write up I read in Electronic Gaming Monthly.
PSN: toadieman
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