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Remember back when you got a Playstation 1 and then went to buy FF VII?

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User Info: Kamil

4 years ago#51
I remember when I got a Playstation 1 and went and got NHL '98. It's not like RPGs were a new thing to me in that era. Sure I have settled with Final Fantasy VII being a good even very good game, but that's really it.

It all depends on the age when you get a system and such too, I'm sure if I was a young teenager or even younger I'd have stronger feelings for FFVII. I'm just stating this as you went right into the FFVII thing in the same sentence. I still have a demo I got in the mail for FFVII actually.
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User Info: RPGsplease

4 years ago#52
I had Gotton a ps1 for Christmas at my dads tomb raider 2 and nhl. When I got home somehow my mom knew what to have bought me. I opened package with ff7 and the stratagy guide. While later for bday dad picked me up Xenophon gears with strategy guide without ne even knowing about what it was lol. Ahhh two classics my new pc:-)

User Info: Arsic

4 years ago#53
The internet has ruined this experience. Back when FF7 came out, the internet was still in it's infantile stages.
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User Info: hyjinx17

4 years ago#54
I actually didn't play FFVII until well into the PS2 generation. I was 7 when it came out so all i cared about was Mario, Crash, Spyro etc...
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User Info: El_Zaggy

4 years ago#55
rented FFVII, Found it boring after the awesome FF6. Stopped caring about FF and saqure after this. Never regretted it

User Info: OtakuGamera

4 years ago#56
it's not that the magic is lost, it's just lost on us, we got older, went to college or work and i doubt we will be talking about games much with our colleagues. meanwhile other young kids are experiencing the magic you mentioned.
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User Info: Alluvion

4 years ago#57
I didn't own a PSX until 1998 or so. I only knew a few people who had one. Didn't subscribe to any magazines, no internet- had no way of knowing what the games were like, what was in the works... I was occasionally able to play games like Jumping Flash and Street Fighter The Movie at a friend's house; obviously nothing to get excited about.

My brother and I visited my cousin, who was really into fighting games. played on his PSX. Mortal Kombat Trilogy, Primal Rage, Tobal No. 1.. Then he put in the demo for FFVII that came with Tobal. I was like :O the whole time, my virgin eyes had never seen anything like it. I had played and finished every FF released in the states and this was such a massive leap. Was in awe of how cool Cloud's portrait and model looked. The greatest joy was when I saw the Leviathan summon. Brother and cousin were laughing at me, I wanted it so bad.

I didn't buy FFVII right when I bought my own PSX. I bought Breath of Fire III and Deathtrap Dungeon (horrible game but the name and cover sold it). FFVII wasn't for sale where I got the PSX and my brother already owned it, but I bought it a year or so later.

Definitely the most memorable moment of gaming for me was that Tobal No.1 demo

User Info: faris_ruhi

4 years ago#58
Arsic posted...
The internet has ruined this experience. Back when FF7 came out, the internet was still in it's infantile stages.

I think this pretty much is the reason why many of us don't get that "whoa" feeling from many games anymore. There is just so much media out there on any given game that is about to be released, that can easily dampen the effect a game would've had on you if you had played it with very little prior knowledge/expectations regarding it.
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User Info: KingOfViolence

4 years ago#59
*Reads topic title*

...Just today, actually. As I was putting disc 3 back in the case after beating it for the umpteenth time.

Greatest. Game. Ever!
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User Info: howdyneighbor25

4 years ago#60
AXKSION posted...
Deimos259 posted...

What does nostalgia have to do with anything? You know, I'm super sick of that cliched word.

howdyneighbor25 posted...
GM_ posted...
Quote:bought it never opened it still sitting in my closet at my moms house. game looked like garvbage when i played it at a friends. was too late to return it by then


game sucked imo. dont be butt hurt

LOL, the best game of all time doesn't suck, kid.

game sucks deal with it KID
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