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What Makes You Buy a Game?

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User Info: cloud2556

4 years ago#1
Good Reviews? Good Story? Great Music? What is it?
"Only fools believe in deterrence."

User Info: superbowl54

4 years ago#2
it's all different

Sometimes I buy just because I'm a fan of the series (Neptunia V next year is a day 1 buy for me for example)

Sometimes it's a game that just looks fun and/or interesting (Dishonored)

Sometimes it's a game that I buy to play with my friends (Black Ops 2)
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User Info: Nth

4 years ago#3
Usually gaming website previews determine if I will buy a game or not although sometimes a simple youtube video will do it. I never played a God of War game until I watched a music video someone had made and I went out and bought them all.
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User Info: servb0ts

4 years ago#4
A Job and Money.
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User Info: SexySamSosa67

4 years ago#5
9.0 average reviews or bust
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User Info: zyrax2301

4 years ago#6
Whether my desire to play it exceeds my miserliness.
Why? Because **** you is why.

User Info: cloud2556

4 years ago#7
servb0ts posted...
A Job and Money.

"Only fools believe in deterrence."
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