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PS4 RUmors. New name Omni price starting at 350-399, and up to 450-499 and more

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User Info: zerooo0

4 years ago#1
– Sony is near the middle end part of their Project Orbis, their next generation PS4. It will not be called Playstation 4, teams have started to call the final name as Omni. Omni will reflect their new hardware and content delivery philosophy. Omni will be “very capable” of doing modern day graphics compared to a Direct X 11 level of technology like Unreal Engine 4 and Frostbite 2. Compared to Wii U, it is better, but not the biggest leap in the world according to developer friends of mine. The key is the Omniviewer, a thin, lite and slick head mounted autosteroptic display that can track the users head and presents a 360 image view with semi transparent AMOLED screens. This can turn any TV into a 3D TV, as well as add extra augmented reality information outside of the TV screen. One application from an entertainment perspective seeing movies in 2k, 4k or IMAX resolutions as their original size where you have to move your head to look at the full picture being displayed. Can also synch with the Vita. The new controllers weather it’s the Duo-Moves or the Classic DuoShock will have pulse sensors in the grips for biofeedback gameplay. Plans are a Basic Unit with 160 gigs and just the system with controller at $350-$399 and one with the Omniviewer and a pack-in game for $450-$499. Aims are for a September 2013 launch.

– Omni is also part of their philosophy with the new OmniCloud, the new version of Gaktai. This service will not only cloud stream PS1, PS2 and select PS3 games to Playstation Certified devices but will also allow every digital and retail purchase to have access to a copy on the cloud. Basically, you buy one game, you can use it on any Plyastation device. Direct hardware Backwards Compatibility will be available by a $70 – $99 dongle that is plugged into the Omni that contains a PS3 on a chip with Cell to run games.

– Known first party games in development for Playstation Omni are: Next Gen Uncharted, Next Gen Siren, The Boydguard, Wipeout Omni, Bump In the Night, Killzone 4, Gran Turismo Prologue, Next Gen Media Molecule, Omni Fitness.

This comes from the guy that leaked the KH:HD collection, and the Castlevania.

So I don't know. All I'm gonna say is that I'm impressed with the price range. With tech that's actually worth it. Also DX11 YAY!!!!!!!!!!

Also the Next Xbox MAY be the most powerful console. Says it in the next part. Now true or not, we don't know.
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User Info: phowell23

4 years ago#2
Whether this is true or not; I hope Sony takes full advantage of Gaktai next generation. It could be a game changer

User Info: kamikaze135

4 years ago#3
Well....Sony DID say not to expect a huge leap in power for the next Playstation console. I'm expecting there to be a ton of new features rather than a leap in graphics. The power of the PS4 will probably just make it easier for developers to get 1080p and 60fps out of their games.
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User Info: OtakuGamera

4 years ago#4
this actually sounds really good, i think the backward compatibility dongle is a great idea, it gives people a choice of whether they want to spend the extra bucks or not. and the omniviewer sounds interesting. cant wait to hear more
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User Info: Greg13221

4 years ago#5
Not really excited, but-

Next Gen Siren

Can't Wait

User Info: DarknessXSeeker

4 years ago#6
Yeah that guy said KH HD Collection would be announced at E3, so I am calling BS on this until it is proven.
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User Info: RetroFanGirl

4 years ago#7
I'm expecting a Vita-like flop, though I'd kill for them to return to their PS1/PS2 glory.
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User Info: sinncross

4 years ago#8
Greg13221 posted...
Not really excited, but-

Next Gen Siren

Can't Wait

that alone has me intrigued
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User Info: Krebstar

4 years ago#9
Next gen Siren?

Sign me up for 10
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User Info: LuminescentRule

4 years ago#10
From: RetroFanGirl | #002
I'm expecting a Vita-like flop, though I'd kill for them to return to their PS1/PS2 glory.

This is such a stupid post. If the PS3 didn't flop, how do you expect a better-priced PS4 to flop?
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