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Man Kills Infant Child Because of PS3

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User Info: ShadianVise

4 years ago#21
echa_One posted...
Moral: don't have kids at young age. Stupid.

Actually, I'm a 20-year-old father myself, and my son is loved unconditionally. His mother and I would die before we let him get hurt, and he's by far the most important thing that has ever happened to us.

So no, age has nothing to do with it. Maturity has everything to do with it.
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User Info: Louie The Lizard

Louie The Lizard
4 years ago#22
................Queue the "Violent Video Games" Attack by news outlets in 3, 2,
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User Info: Thermador446

4 years ago#23
Doesn't that guy look like a guy you've seen in a mugshot before.
"You're telling me that Christ comes back to life every Sunday in the form of a bowl of crackers; and then you proceed to just eat the man, Correct?"

User Info: Jahkeemyork

4 years ago#24
I've noticed that too, most tales of homocide are usually related to console gaming. Where most tales of suicide are more related to PC gaming.

User Info: muggy

4 years ago#25
Thermador446 posted...
muggy posted...
I am wondering how long it took to convince mom to go along with the plan

What difference would that make?

Because punching a baby to death is sick. Helping the person who punched your baby to death is beyond reason. How does one start that conversation? "I executed our 3 week old kid. Can you give me a hand with this?" "Sure honey".

User Info: Stanger5150

4 years ago#26
Goddamn... there are some insensitive mother******* in this topic!
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User Info: EpicKingdom_

4 years ago#28
Simple fact, gamers are low life losers.
Except me, I got my **** together.

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User Info: archizzy

4 years ago#29
It doesn't actually blame the Playstation, that would be stupid.
That's just what he was doing at the time.

I don't even think he was gaming at the time. It said he gamed until about 5 am. Then goes on to say the baby was fussy and after killing it he "went back to bed"

It implies he stayed up late gaming but had gone to bed.

Either way you look at it the TC has a misleading topic title. Has nothing to do with "PS3" and very little to do with gaming.

If I happen to be playing Monopoly all night then go to bed and end up waking up and killing someone out of annoyance you wouldn't say I killed someone because of Monopoly.
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User Info: SpoonSports

4 years ago#30
I lose faith in Humanity as each day goes by. They should start giving mandatory "so your bring a new life into the world" classes. Also have each couple go through a psychology test to see if their adequate in having children
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