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Man Kills Infant Child Because of PS3

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User Info: Jx1010

4 years ago#51
What video game was he playing?

User Info: Oni_Taedo

4 years ago#52
phoenix9107 posted...
People always like to blame others and never take responsibility. In this case the guy wasn't blaming his actions on another person but on an inanimate object. So what if he were watching porn and his child was fussing, would it be the porno's fault. Or what if he was reading twilight and getting to the good part and the child was fussing is it twilight's fault? Almost everything has been blamed at one point.

I blame Twilight for everything.
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User Info: echa_One

4 years ago#53
Jx1010 posted...
What video game was he playing?

Bribed by the devs so it's not mentioned xD
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User Info: DCarnage

4 years ago#54
phoenix9107 posted...
Or what if he was reading twilight and getting to the good part and the child was fussing is it twilight's fault?

Lol what?! There is no good part in Twilight... so no crime would have been committed. Well, the only crime would have been him reading Twilight...

But in all seriousness, this is a very very sad story and this guy obviously has some anger issues. It didn't matter if he was playing games or cooking dinner, his anger would eventually show itself at one point or another no matter what he was doing.

User Info: Foxxie_kun

4 years ago#55
This is going to sound insensitive, but if the child had lived to learn the behaviors exhibited by its parents (The murderous degenerate who's gonna wish he had superglue and a rope for his bar o soap during shower time at State, and the meek little wretch who helped said degenerate with his plans to cover up the murder), would the child have turned out much better? The child would have learned a violent and immature disposition from his father, and to be eternally obedient to his father out of mortal fear of the man. Would that really have been a life worth living anyway?

I'm more concerned about the other children (Especially the 15 month old), and I hope DHS removes those kids and gets them into the system ASAP (So long as the kid is still technically a baby or toddler, there's a bigger chance of successful adoption to a proper family after all). No child deserves to stay in that kind of environment, and I would honestly hope that this incident is used in every custody case in both parents' future if/when they get out. "This man punched his newborn son to death in annoyance, because he was (allegedly) sleeping and the baby's fussing woke him up" and "This woman attempted to aid in covering up the death of her newborn son perpetrated by the infant's father". No parent willing to commit, allow, or aid in such brutality deserves to be trusted with a child or domestic animal, period...
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User Info: hyjinx17

4 years ago#56
Nobody is turned into a horrible person by any form of media. They were a horrible person all along
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User Info: ZombieAkane

4 years ago#57
Pretty attractive guy.
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(message deleted)

User Info: Subzero316

4 years ago#59
he should'nt have taken it out on his son, wonder what playstation game was he playing untill 5am?
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User Info: Kaliesto

4 years ago#60
Wow... couple of you morons keep reminding me why the gaming community is frowned on, get out the topic you low-lifes and rethink your sorry lives.
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