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POLL: Do you want swearing in video games?

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User Info: ImmatureContent

4 years ago#51
I don't specifically like swearing(nor do I dislike it) but I absolutely don't want games censored to the point that they can't have it. It's just ****ing words. People act like it's more than that. It's not. It never will be. Get over it. The concept of "bad language" is one of the most preposterous notions in society.
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User Info: Runner_style

4 years ago#52
LightRukia posted...
How about I don't care as long as it isn't overdone and/or feels out of place.
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User Info: anonymous46773

4 years ago#53
LightRukia posted...
How about I don't care as long as it isn't overdone and/or feels out of place.

I choose this because the poll has bad options.
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User Info: Thamauturge

4 years ago#54
I never swear, but if has to be in there then I wont look down on the game over it.
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User Info: TysonBane

4 years ago#55
Picks 3rd option, I don't care.
Tyson / Tysno (PSN: TysonBane)
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User Info: Spdwyblu05xrun

4 years ago#56
Yes. God doesn't mind.
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User Info: The_Desk

4 years ago#57
NessEggman posted...
As long as it's natural and fits the atmosphere of the game.

Like, if no one swore in GTA or Catherine, that would be really awkward.

But I think unless it is necessary to use obscenities in dialogue to portray a character or society or whatever, it shouldn't really be used.

This, and a bad example was the moron commander in black ops 2 who couldn't go 3 words without cursing.

User Info: renzsweet

4 years ago#58
Jx1010 posted...
swearing is vulgarity, period

I agree. I see where people are coming from when it is used, but it is never necessary. Like one movie long ago said, "Profanity is just your emotion speaking without the benefit of your intellect." if you truly have a good grasp of vocabulary, you can talk circles around those who use vulgar language.
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User Info: iAmTheTot

4 years ago#59
The concept of swearing amazes me. How anyone could find a simple series of tones and sounds produced from the vocal box to be vulgar astounds me. The very idea that a sound can be offensive reeks of the most atrocious kind of mind control out there.

If you truly think swearing shouldn't be in media, you have absolutely no appreciation for the English language. Swearing is a part of our language and therefore has uses, and should be employed when those uses are presented. It's like owning a plunger, but not using it when your toilet backs up. Like having milk, but only eating dry cereal.
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User Info: wh0_kn0ws

4 years ago#60
SonicMonkeys posted...
Do you want swearing in video games?

Do you want swearing in literature?

Do you want swearing in films?

If you said 'no' to any of these questions, you are a philistine.

end of story.
it's simple. just be nice.
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