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What setting you play on, easy medium hard...

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User Info: Mythril Wyrm

Mythril Wyrm
4 years ago#151
Usually Medium, though I'll try a harder difficulty setting if the game offers an incentive to try it or I'm in the mood for a challenge.
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User Info: NoelXYeul

4 years ago#152
Normal. Then go on to hard and above on playthroughs after that.
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User Info: Reverted_Pikkon

4 years ago#153

I don't have the time I used to for games. And I like to feel as badass as possible.

Funny how when you're a kid, you have all the time in the world for games, but no money. And now I have money, but no time.
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User Info: zebmarvin

4 years ago#154
Normal the first time. Harder after.
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User Info: Cobra1010

4 years ago#155
Always normal, any higher, i kinda feel like the devs just more more enemies and hp etc just to make the game more difficult. Unless normal is too easy, i dont pick hard just to frustrate myself, sucking out the fun.
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User Info: zeldafan477

4 years ago#156
Easy at first, so I can get used to the game, then hard.
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User Info: DaMan1900

4 years ago#157
whatever the highest difficulty is

edit: i find 90% of games to be extremely easy even on max difficulty...
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User Info: redskinStu

4 years ago#158
All three, in order. Get the most out of your games.

User Info: XWolfO

4 years ago#159
Easy for the first playthrough so I learn the ropes, normal for the second, and the rest are pretty much all on normal. Sometimes I try hard, but if it's too hard, I just stick to normal.
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User Info: DarkGam3r

4 years ago#160
Eseenuz posted...
I almost always play on the most difficult setting, since most games don''t prove to be all that challenging.

Or perhaps you overcame enough challenging videogames to have all the others seem like a small hurdle due to your experience.
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