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What setting you play on, easy medium hard...

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User Info: armin1994

5 years ago#91
LifeOfSyn posted...
For first playthrough, always Easy. Story is my most important factor in a game.

why dont you go read a book? if only the story matters to you XD
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User Info: jase87

5 years ago#92
Usually normal, but I have been trying to play easy just so I can finish games faster so I can actually try to play all the games I have. It's tough though. I've played normal forever!

User Info: donutmanstorm

5 years ago#93
I usually play on normal. Except for FPS games. I am especially bad at those. So I start on easy.
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User Info: kol5001

5 years ago#94
hardest because im a trophy hunter XD

User Info: Shishio07

5 years ago#95
Almost always on easy, never on very easy and only on harder difficulties if i get something out of it
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User Info: TehRYNOL

5 years ago#97
Usually normal.

If it's a series I'm familiar with I'll go with hard though.

Sometimes I lower the difficulty to make things go faster though. I play on easy when replaying some games also.
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User Info: alexkirol

5 years ago#98
If I'm playing shooters (Halo, Call of Duty) I usually pick the hardest difficulty (Legendary and Veteran respectively). I play shooters for the challenge. RPGs, on the other hand, I play for the fun of leveling my character until he/she is an absolute got and I can mow down enemies like it's nothing. I'll usually just play on the default difficulty, unless I keep dying in which case I have no problem taking the easy way out

User Info: Hark21Ball

5 years ago#99
Typically Normal, get the feel for the game, the mechanics, etc Then boost Difficulty and try to kick some butt.
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User Info: kel25

5 years ago#100
Typically I will play the game on hard for the first time. After I beat the game once I will normally play on easy because I am just playing the game for the story and not the challenge.

I always play Rainbow Six games on the hardest setting. You do yourself a disservice to play that series on an easier setting.
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