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question about PlayStation plus

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User Info: king_madden

4 years ago#11
for some reason they think free means keep forever.

i still havent seen a definition that says that though so i dont know why they think that.

User Info: Fenix7

4 years ago#12
Aalvi posted...
Thanks for being living proof of the point I made in another topic about how PS plus offerings aren't free and that labeling it that would confuse consumers.

Good thing you didn't buy first and ask later.

Haha I almost bought it in Oct, cause I needed to reach 100$ to get the 20$ bonus. but decided to get something else in stead. Haha I am glad that i didn't make that purchase.

Porunga posted...
Those vouchers DO expire, and honestly.. it is ridiculous that you don't want plus anymore. The amount of new content every month easily outweighs the cost. Especially if you get the year subscription for $50.. that is a little over $4 a month.

I meant taht I already redeemed the voucher, and received the $20, and wondering if that expires or not.

I might still pick it up 1 day if I see a lot of good discounts. I was thinking of getting it for 3 months for $8.99, maybe will see wat deals they have tomorrow. It's just that i am picky about which games to buy, and not rly intrested in any of the deals listed for the past few weeks.

BurgerTime79 posted...
Fenix7 posted...
Thought the service sounded too good to be true haha, not interested in it anymore lol.

Sorry if you were completely oblivious to how the service works. Just because what you imagined isn't what it actually is, doesn't make it too good to be true. What you call "true", was something you made up in your head.

You mean I can't pay 17.99, download hundreds of dollars worth of games, and keep them forever?! Aw man what a ripoff! /sarcasm

Where the heck did I say it was a bad deal or a ripoff?!
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